GDN: Vanquish Review (PS3)

GDN: "Man I was really looking forward to Vanquish, from SEGA. But this game has more cliches and uses more vibration in the controller during the cut scenes than any game before it. I’m not sure that’s a good sign for the rest of the game as I’ve only been playing for 20 minutes at this point."

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Balt 3821d ago

Best game I've played this entire expensive ass generation. Sega did it right. When I played this It took me back to the days of quarters and Arcades. It was, at times, like playing a Ps1 Capcom game too. Like, back when they were actually good. It just felt like something they'd have done when they had talent.

Vanquish is fantastic.

Chaostar3821d ago

I strongly disagree with this review. The writer makes it sound like he was expecting a Shakespeare performance from a shooter. It's loud, dumb and relentlessly exciting, I don't think I would ask much more from a heavily action orientated shooter.

"When you die and have to go back to your last checkpoint, you also have to watch the damned cut scenes over again with no way to fast forward past them. That’s just lame."

Well that just goes to show the depths the writer went to review this game. A quick press of the select button might have opened his eyes a little.

7/10 for gameplay is another point I would argue. It has taken a genre in danger of becoming stagnant and gave it a literal and metaphorical boost.

All in all the whole review sounds like a rant from someone who couldn't play the game properly, their lack of ability to even check the control scheme on how to skip cut-scenes is testament to this.

gtamike3820d ago

LOL! Sega didn't make the game, review fail

guzman3820d ago

The reviewer is pants-on-head retarded.