People Are Already Lining Up For Kinect, But They're Not Crazy

Microsoft's controller-free add-on for the Xbox 360 officially launches on November 4, but some clearly passionate Kinect fans are already lining up in New York City for the device's midnight launch. Crazy? Not really and here's why.

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Shackdaddy8363648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

They are still crazy. I really would never wait two days in line for 150 bucks. 200 bucks maybe, but not 150.

It would just drive me insane and make me look like a weirdo...

deadreckoning6663648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Maybe their just passionate gamers....or just people that want to make a killing on Ebay lol.

"I disagree Kotaku. Even for 2 Kinect games and a year of Live, spending more than 24hrs in line for a product which does not have a single review yet available for it IS crazy.

Just my opinion though, I hope they don't get sickly."

Parapraxis, casual gamers don't care about reviews remember? The people who watch Oprah and Ellen don't know what a Kotaku is, nor have they ever visited Gamespot or IGN.

So no matter how shitty the reviews are, it'll still sell because casual gamers don't expect too much from their games...just fun.

Its kinda why Greenburg released this statement:

It seems like damage control on Greenburg's part, but it really isn't. Casuals aren't highly critical of games like we to them, reviews won't matter.

Shackdaddy8363648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

No, its just so they dont have to pay for it or so they can sell it on ebay for a high price. It has nothing to do with being a passionate gamer.

Parapraxis3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Shackdaddy836, they still have to pay for Kinect, but as they will be part of the first 3000 people they get 2 games and 1 yr of Live free.

gamingdroid3648d ago

People lined up for Halo 3 as well.... they also lined up for a bunch of other stuff as well.

Parapraxis3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Like food stamps, firing squads, conga lines.
Yup, it would seem people will line up for just about anything.

Bzone243648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"I've lined up for groceries before."
Government cheese?

YellowLightofDeath3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Except it looks like Kinect may have a larger following already.

Shackdaddy8363648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Ya, I know. I think those people are pretty crazy too.

I would never wait that long for any product. 24 hours I can see. But 48 hours? Come on.....

But then again, I'm pretty patient when it comes to buying things. I usually wait about a week after things are released.

I actually never thought of that. They would have to have a pretty [email protected] job to do this...

kneon3648d ago

Wouldn't they be better off working instead? Or do they have such crappy jobs that those extras are worth more than 2 days pay? On the other hand if they happen to be unemployed then they have the time, but then what are they doing wasting $150 on Kinect?

artsaber3648d ago

What are you trying to prove? That most PS3 owners have jobs and lives?

Who (with a job nowadays) can afford to wait for 2 days straight sleeping outside, etc? I didn't think stores allowed customers to do this anymore due to legal liabilities, etc. I'd hate to be the dumb bastard in this line who called out sick, just to be stuck on a local news camera.

Defective Bot3648d ago

I should stop by tomorrow and "give" out some eggs. lol

YellowLightofDeath3648d ago

Your statement holds no value or truth. I waited in line for my 360 and PS3 overnight. Actually my friend and I both did. He's an electrical engineer and I'm a graphic designer/production manager at a music venue.

Stereotyping is bad buddy, especially when you're dead wrong. They're probably just gamers in general. Why do you assume that they only own 360's?

Moonboots3648d ago

haha suddenly lining up for a product is a bad thing in gaming?? Oh man, this is funny.

I never thought Kudo to be such a wise man but I think he is right gamers are hate hate hate..

Playa Haters Ball on a daily basis.

People line up for movies, Ipads, Wii's and any other desirable product. Apple fans wait days, Star Wars fans wait weeks.. As much as you want to spin this as a negative, if people are camping out it is a good sign for the device.

Bricks3648d ago

People hate what they're most scared of, and in this case it's the realization that Kinect just might be successful.

GamingGamer3648d ago

kinda funny. it aint worth it for 150 bucks if you ask me

Bigpappy3648d ago

I read all the post, above and below. No one asked you. Sorry.

artsaber3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I understand you, I do, but Kinect is NO CONSOLE. It is an accessory, one that costs as much as the console too. No one can shake the fact that it is moronic to miss work for a $150 accessory. You can't reason that away. I understand the passion behind getting the console... there are usually YEARS between console launches, accessories can sit on shelves, and not be used with every game. The console is used on EVERY game. I'm sorry but Move NOR Kinect is not THAT serious. It is not serious to the level of these man-children in this picture.

For instance, my PSEye sat in my closet for months before Move/Eyepet came out... Move, Eyepet, nor the PSEye, or all combined was worth sitting out in the cold/rain/pissing/shitting on yourself for these items... lol. Kinect is no different in this regard. Just saying.

Have you checked the forecast for NY? Here:
It will be like 34 degrees tonight. One of these idiots may wind up with Pneumonia after the rain comes.

No thanks.

DORMIN3648d ago

Wait Wait?

Nov 4 is 2 DAYS away.

Some people are willing to waste 48+hours of their lives for this. I guess I'll agree thats not crazy, but idiotic.

baodeus3648d ago

well there could be many reason why they line up:

1. Monkey see, monkey do (it is just a thing to do when you got nothing better to do.) People thinks it is cool to camp outside for movies, games, console, heck they might just want to camp out for no particular reason.

2. Sell it on ebay (my god, I'm having a hard time trying to find one especially on line).

3. Because Oprah said so

4. Maybe they really want to be on that show "so you think you can dance" by practicing with that dance central game and post it on youtube.

5. Maybe for their little kids cause they saw it on TV, cherios boxes, man you name it, it is like in YO FACE kinda advertisement.

bviperz3648d ago

You seem okay with it but I disagree with the notion that because it's aimed at casuals who cares if they end up buying a piece of junk because Oprah and Ellen promoted it. I hope for everyone's sake due to the current state of things folks do a little more research before buying expensive tech and not just give in to hype. Just one of the Microsoft's practices I despise. I shake my head when so many people jump to defend them.

Triella3648d ago


You forgot option #6 MS paid these people to line up two days before launch to spark the passers-by curiosity and hype the product. No one is questionning the fact that this is happening in Time Square ? really ?

kneon3648d ago


Yup, people line for all kinds of products, and in almost every case it's idiotic.

If I want something that bad I pre-order it online and it magically appears at my front door, usually on launch day.

jadenkorri3647d ago

wow, its insane to be waiting for kinect, these people are gonna get it, take it home and hate it, but they'll lie their a$$ off at how awesome it is. This is just so they can try to convince themselves it was worth the 2 days waiting, yet their piers managed to buy it the next day at walmart I work a full time job, my 2 days off is my time, i would not spend it waiting for any product, let alone these people, what are the chances of their days off being the launch day, let alone why would you book a day off or 2 for kinect. I used to preorder stuff all the time from EB/GS, I stopped buying into the "If you don't preorder, you won't get the game on launch", yes you are right sir, I won't get the game, from you, yet across the street, oh look, they got lots and cheaper too.

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Christopher3648d ago

I'm guessing these people are thinking they'll make four times what they'll end up paying selling the stuff on e-Bay.

Mista T3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

erhhm, I'll pray for them, and there wallet :P

sweettooth3648d ago

Even if Aaron Greenberg suck D i will never lineup for Kentucky

atticus143648d ago

hmm 500 million + marketing budget = likely a stunt to attract attention.

Anyone remember EA's Dante's inferno "protesters" stunt?

You can pre-order Kinect still yet from many places. Who lines up for something thats readily available?

Megaton3647d ago

Longest I've lined up for something was 6 hours for Kojima's signature. If we're talking days, I better be getting more than $150.

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Stryfeno23648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

people are dedicated or just plain stupid.

KILLERAPP3648d ago

Give me my free stuff…

NAGNEWS3648d ago

is giving 150$ to the first 3,000 people who line up and buy Kinect.

zhat iz buzinezz (O.o)

SilverSlug3648d ago

We will see if it is worth it for them.

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