IGN Editorial: Kinect Offers Too Many Options

This week, Microsoft is set to pull off one of the greatest feats in consumer history. Despite a confused message, and ignoring the essential early adopters, Kinect is going to be a hit. Pre-orders are making MS smile, but sales aren't the biggest problem. The issue is that there are way too many options available at launch.

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Shackdaddy8363649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I bet theres gonna be a couple people that will buy Kinect and be pissed cus they didnt know you have to have an xbox to play it...

KILLERAPP3649d ago

That would hilarious, their son open there Christmas gifts only to find that their mom only bought kinect solo and he can’t play lol…

DlocDaBudSmoka3649d ago

talk about a horrible christmas

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3649d ago

"Kinect is going to be a hit."

Apparently IGN can see into the future.

Rainstorm813649d ago

Naw they cant see the future but they just know they will be giving it high scores already.....guess they got thier piece of the 500mil ad budget

Cold 20003649d ago

I can smell your bitterness.

Rainstorm813649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Bitter at what? i probably play more games on 360 than you......(Gamertag - Rainstorm81)

Why do you fanboys think every 360 owner must love Kinect?

I dont play the one console fanboy wars i just speak my thoughts on the 2 consoles I own. (PS3,360)

I tend to leave the "Butthurt Trolling" to guys like yourself. know now that i think about it, i am bitter.

Bitter at MS completely abandoning my gaming preference. KINECT IS NOT WHY I BOUGHT A 360!

Come one now Cold are you saying it makes sense for MS to spend half a BILLION on Kinect ads and endorsement and none of that goes to producing new exclusive IPs?

Damn It, I fed the troll **Bows head in shame......**


So since we got games in the past we shoulnt want anymore and (BTW Sony has the highest rated exclusive library), I dont mind MS going after the casual market, Sony is doing the same as well, Just dont abandon my Core gaming tastes, I dont think thats much to ask.

Oh and you dont know those ADs all over gaming websites are paid for by the companies and arent on there out of kindness.

3649d ago
n4gno3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

l[email protected] in total denial, xbox library can't compete with ps3 one, even with paid us reviews !

denial, delusional, are key words for blind fanboys believing is teh revolution and not an inferior camera, like every single preview show us.

Move is the best motion controler, all the reviwes are saying that, but believers don't want to see the reality, even with E3 2009, 2010 and ms lies.

rob60213649d ago

It is undeniable that MS has a lot to spend on advertising, especially some that will go to gaming devoted websites. Why would IGN say, no we don't want any part of your huge advertising budget. IGN is a business after all.

RIP_Weazel3649d ago


edgeofblade3649d ago

You kidding? That's pretty much guaranteed that he'll get a 360 too. I don't want to sound like I was a brat (I lived down getting a bad power rangers knockoff from my grandmother without so much as a whimper), but this is like a free ticket.

btk3649d ago

Yeah - XB360 has more 80+ rated games. Games rated better than PS3. Like Final Fantasy and R.U.S.E. where all reviewers agreed that the PS3 version is better - but the Metacritic score for both is higher on XB360. But if you play review scores...

Reality is PS3 has better exclusives.

Too much options? I thought the "too much variety" was just an excuse to give PS3 games lower scores. Now we can see that it can be used to up XB360 scores as well. Versatile phrase there.

Fan Tastic3648d ago

My cousin just pre-ordered. He doesn't have a 360. I had to explain that it isn't the 360's Wii and that you need a 360. He still doesn't believe me.

Pacman3213648d ago

Hahahaha even though "Droid Smasha" was trolling, his comment hilarious

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MajestieBeast3649d ago

Wouldnt surprise me if people try to hook it up to the tv instead of the 360.

gigaware3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

So people won't come into contact with family members, friends, TV ads, game shop employees, instruction manuals, their own eyes, kids, news papers, magazines. PS3 fans getting desperate? People are not as stupid as you guys pretend to be when you're trying to find a excuse to troll.

visualb3649d ago

don't be so obnoxious.

i've seen a woman come back to a store with WoW Shivering Isles expansion pack because she had NO idea (nope, didn't EVEN READ THE PACKAGE THAT CLEARLY STATES IT REQUIRES WOW)


do NOT, EVER, underestimate the stupidity of the consumer.

what majestiebeast is proposing WILL happen, although rarely, it will.

don't be such a rude sour puss

gigaware3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Don't be stupid man Sheesh. Remember the story about hundreds of people thinking they could use the eyetoy without a PlayStation? What about the one where a family was trying to hook up a PlayStation Eye to the TV without a console. Just pulling your leg

Yes saying that about Kinect sounds just as moronic.

GameOn3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

When giving examples of why consumers are idiots, it's generally best not to make your self look like an idiot too.

uxo223649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Are your serious, you must know a lot of stupid people.

That's like saying women would by MOVE and try and use it as a dildo. Come on now, lets not over simplify this thing. The box, says 360 required, the manual, and if any of the store are smart they will ask the customer if they already own a 360 if for no other reason to sell them one.

Man, N4G never cease to amaze me.

And for you guys that are bringing up isolated incidences when a woman bought an expansion pack, blah blah, blah. Yeah okay one-z and two-z okay, but nothing to make a big deal about or be on N4G claiming that could be a problem.

Please guys.

Ilikegames763649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

reading about a woman who inserted her credit card into the Wii DVD slot because she wanted to buy a game online.

SoSLy3649d ago

It amazes me how you guys took his joke seriously. now look who is the idiot trolls

KingME3649d ago

You call it a joke, we call it trolling.

-X-3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I remember a few years ago the only systems I had were the GameCube, and the PS2. My dad bought me Splinter Cell....for the XBOX...I laughed hard. Thats why back then my mom was the only person who bought games for me.

I can DEFINITELY see people mistaking Kinect as a system. Microsoft invested more money in Kinect launch then in the 360 launch!! Kinect looks like its being advertised as a game console itself.

I agree with visualb's comment
"do NOT, EVER, underestimate the stupidity of the consumer."
This comment refers to every product on the market.

Swiftfox3648d ago

Speaking of ignorant consumers. World of Warcraft never had a Shivering Isles expansion. The Shivering Isles expantion was for the game Oblivion.

I have no issue with sighting example but at least get the example accurate.

Of course this response is 21 hours late and no one cares.

uxo223648d ago

And that's how you know he's lying.

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demonddel3649d ago


Keith Olbermann3649d ago

that goes in your hand...where would you put the disk? Kinect resembles a gaming unit. You think someone will think a wireless controller is a gaming system?

DuneBuggy3649d ago

You dont put a disc in a Ipod anywhere either or a PSPGo.There WILL be Move's and Kinect's given as gifts without consoles to go with them.

Obama3649d ago Show
Sayai jin3649d ago

Hmmm. If I buy something that cost that much I would make sure I know what I am buying. I would think most people know what they are buying. Not everyone, but most.

Shackdaddy8363649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Thats why I didnt say "most" people. I was about to then caught myself. ;)

I can just see it happening though cus when I was younger, my mom used to be like that. Always buying things without knowing whats required for them. Shes gotten a lot better now but still, I'm sure there is a lot of non-tech savy people out there buying Kinect for their kid/cousin/friend and thinking they can just plug Kinect into the T.V., put a disc into it, and play.

Sayai jin3649d ago

LOL. That must if sucked. People are becoming more tech savy, but it is bound to happen.

Rainstorm813649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


Imperator3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

IGN's 10/10 Kinect is teh revolution review coming!! What a bunch of morons. IGN has been so out of touch with reality that it wouldn't really surprise me.

And honestly, casual gamers are really this dumb, so an this article will probably be helpful for them.

Moonboots3649d ago

But the casual gamers don't read IGN so what a waste.

Too many options?? LMAO. I don't know anyone who doesn't like options..

My guess is they will have limited options because it's going to sell out and will be happy to just find one.

I'm more than likely going to wait and see what the next wave of titles look like but I've got serious in-house pressure to buy it day one from the family.

Ilikegames763649d ago

Jack of all Trade but Master of None.

JokesOnYou3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

That always happens when the uniformed buy anything. Quick learners will figure it out, slow learners will make themselves miserable.

So what else is new?

vhero3649d ago

The point of the article is simple Kinect was supposed to get casual gamers who hardly play games to play them however gamers with 360s already and hardcore gamers will be picking them up = epic fail.

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fr3d03649d ago ShowReplies(4)
-Alpha3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I really don't think people are as stupid as IGN is making them out to be.

IGN makes it sound like casuals are so overwhelmed with how to buy the product. The hardest thing I see is casuals not knowing if 4GB is enough, but I don't think they are confused with game choice.

The Kinect library at launch looks promising and confident to casual buyers if they see a lot of titles. All they have to do is pick what they think looks good, and the bigger the library, the more they buy into the product.

AceofStaves3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Back in the HD-DVD days, some people bought the HD-DVD of "Planet Earth" only to discover they needed an HD-DVD player to view it, since it had 'DVD' in the name. They assumed it would work with a standard DVD player.

I've learned not to overestimate people when it comes to tech.

gaden_malak3649d ago

People STILL fall for those email scams from the Nigerian Prince.

-Alpha3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I get you, but IGN's main point was that there were too many games. I don't understand why that would turn somebody away. It can just as much make the product and consumers more confident knowing they have a popularly supported product.

I can only see old people making the mistake of buying just a Kinect. But this isn't going to be a widespread problem, and this wouldn't be an issue of "Too Many Options" that IGN is emphasizing.

I'm assuming sales associates are smart enough to help a large majority out and that consumers don't just get up and buy a Kinect without asking some basic questions. I'm assuming MS will do their part in promoting the need to have a 360 for Kinect to be compatible.

Really, I know some consumers can be ignorant-- look at Best Buy's Geek Squad. But this article just feels randomly put together, I guess.

dead_eye3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

There's a lot of people in this world buying things that they have no clue how to use.

despair3649d ago


It not that there are too many games but too many games that are pretty much the same, you see we as gamers are accustomed to these choices and since we know about games it seems ridiculous. But to someone who never gamed in their life they just want to pop in the store say give me kinect and the fitness and dance game and walk out.

They don't want to listen to a sales clerk explain what 4GB model has and which fitness game does what. If you see 5 products with the same fitness in the name or sports in the name and you just want one its a hassle to research and find out about the titles before making a decision.

You have to be very naive to think that people always purchase things in a reasonable way, impulse buyers are what got the Wii sales so high and its what will sell Kinect, when people stop to think about whether they really want this product then the problems for the manufacturer starts.

ct033649d ago

"If Kinect is your first stab at gaming and there are four exercise titles to choose from,. how do you know which to get? Now you have to do research, which can be intimidating."

I disagree with IGN's reasoning. Just because there is a choice of games doesn't mean casual gamers will do research. They'll pick whichever game has the nicest cover art or throw a coin or whatever.

Choice of games will not stop them from buying the system.

Denethor_II3649d ago

Since MS are going for uninformed parents, I think it's safe to assume a lot of people are gonna pick this up without realising you have to have a basement hardcore gaming console for it to work.

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jack_burt0n3649d ago

ppl are still stupid enough to read ign editorials.

spektical3649d ago

diagree, you overestimate the casual markets intelligence.

The casual market barely knows how to update a computer , set up a tv( if its even called setup).. the proof? look at geek squad.

Godmars2903649d ago

Amazing that you say that when it should be all too apparent that MS is counting on stupidity, using celebs instead of the actual product, to sell Kinect to the masses.

I'm not saying that Kniect is a bad product just that MS is putting more effort into selling the idea of it.

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gypsygib3649d ago

I wonder if IGN really believes Kinect will one day appeal to the core gamer. I can't see how, unless they integrate the controller or create wands.

jonboi243649d ago

If they do end up integrating kinnect and some type of controller than they will go back on their whole "You are the controller campaign.". The thing right now is that can kinnect give the player the same precision and control that a controller can, if not than I can't see it appealing to hardcore gamers. Plus the $150 price tag doesn't help. The thing kinnect and in general even Move needs is that hardcore killer-app.

Moonboots3649d ago

And I don't care what the motto is I would welcome those hybrid games with open arms and so would every other 360 gamer I know.

Does not matter in the slightest what the motto is today. They better continue to exploit the device in every way possible.

Bring them on!!!

gypsygib3648d ago

I think Kinect could be amazing with a Wand and Nav controller.

soljah3649d ago

lol 2 years from now there will still be only 3 types of games
mini game n sport collections
exercise games
dance games