PlayStation Move Vs Xbox Kinect Sales: Stock Allocation Issues

Microsoft has been trying to prove to us and themselves how popular their Kinect for the Xbox 360 is, but they cannot hide the fact that sales have not been as good as they like us to believe. We have learned that the PlayStation Move from PlayStation sold more units by a huge margin.

According to Dave Gibbon from IncGamers, the reason why we all thought that stores were selling out of the Kinect was all down to stock allocation. It seems as though Microsoft has not made enough units available to retailers, meaning numbers were low to start.

This is a shame, the fact that Sony made more than enough devices available from the start and Microsoft did not means that this was done for a reason. This could have been down to not being able to build enough units, which is highly unlikely?

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blackburn53649d ago

Interesting. *strokes evil cat in lap*

r1sh123648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Ive been saying this the whole time...
For both move and kinect, the out of stock things was all down to allocation.
If amazon get the largest allocation and sell out it really doesnt mean much for the smaller/independent stores who will only have a few kinect/move units.
Its how they control hype, both MS and Sony do it.
If they use the allocation correctly they can cause a bit of a frenzy and people will then be trying to buy it anywhere they can due to stock shortages.

EDIT: fanboyattack (Below) is right, its how these businesses make lots of money. Create a massive demand and slow supply a small number here and there. Its a sort of snowball effect which any good marketing team should be using.

FanboyAttack3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

This is really quite simple. Microsoft is going for a trendy casual market, so their initial advertising surge will get the early adopters in the door. Then when Sally goes to school and talks to Jenny about how much fun playing with Skittles is the word of mouth advertising starts.

Mommy I want a Kinect for Christmas. Ok, dear. Mommy can't find one, mommy will scour the earth for one, supply will be low demand will be high and Microsoft will trickle out Kinects in an orderly fashion to keep the demand at a pitch perfect level keeping the device popular. Nintendo did this to near perfection this generation and MS knows this. Now whether the device is good or worthwhile, that's a whole other can of worms.

Trunkz Jr3649d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night...

cmrbe3649d ago

I think they were honestly trying to produce as many as they were selling. The initiall sales of the wii at one point when up to 5 million in one month.

Qui-Gon Jim3648d ago

I think Wii was just more successful than Nintendo thought it would be. I think they did hold back inventory some, but it was for stock (as in share price) purposes, i.e. they had made that quarter's goals, so it was prudent to hold inventory back to make a good start on the next quarter.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3649d ago

"It seems as though Microsoft has not made enough units available to retailers, meaning numbers were low to start."

This is all you need to read.

Death24943649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

They are only releasing a few of the Kinect stand-alone to build demand. The retailer they're quoting in the article also says..."If you really want to experience Kinect, you're going to hvae to buy the bundle." In other words, they want you to buy another 360 for Kinect instead of just buying it stand-alone.

Edit: Here is the direct quote: "The best way to get hold of Kinect at the moment is to order one of the console and Kinect bundles."

Qui-Gon Jim3648d ago

Microsoft's target market with Kinect is clearly the people who don't already own a 360. They very well may be putting most of their Kinect stock into hardware bundles, but pre-orders are almost exclusively for the standalone unit.

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Orionsangel3649d ago

One you can hold in your hand. The other is invisible and you have to take their word for it that it exist.

Shazz3649d ago

poor article and lacks info , wait till kinect comes out then do numbers articles ,everyone knows move has sold really well so far but let kinect get out blocks 1st before comparing the two over and over again

Hitman07693649d ago

sorry but this is retarded....

hasn't even gone on sale yet

Redlogic3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I was about to comment the exact same thing. I don't even know a good reason to explain the sheer stupidity of it either. Cant fathom why people are disagreeing...I'm not interested in Kinect in the least but let the device go on sale at least.


He was obiously refering to the PREORDERS you NOOB! If you want to preorder KINECT you cant because stores did not order much.... this is typical and is not Microsofts fault... stores typicaly order a few devices when they are expensive and new to see the demand beforen ordering more...

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DXM13649d ago

change your avatar bro, that dude looks mad ugly.

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