Medal of Honor 'Clean Sweep' DLC delayed for Xbox 360

GamerZines writes:

Having been hampered by technical issues EA have announced that the 'Clean Sweep' downloadable content for Medal of Honor, previously scheduled for release alongside the 'Hot Zone' DLC on Xbox 360 today, has been delayed.

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S_C3647d ago

Of course its been delayed it was free DLC after all, Cant see us getting this for some time, oh well COD is out next week so bye bye MOH

wizzle523647d ago

Just Trust me on this, MoH doesnt even come close to BO.
At all.

gcolley3646d ago

not saying much. sounds like the bar has been lowered. it will still be the same old COD guaranteed. SP will be linear, MP will be arcade. personally (and i mean personally) i want more from my shooters these days, not the same 10yo game design. making the graphics pretty isn't going to cut it for me.

i want improved destruction. i want minor destruction of vehicles... flat tyres, damaged cannons etc. not just aesthetically, but functional damage. drives slower, shoots crooked etc.

then i want a single player game that lets me play around in the whole lot preparing me for MP. basically i want an actual true sequel to BFBC1, instead of COD after COD, even EA wants to be COD. just don't find that handholding interactive movie style of shooter interests me anymore. this is the first COD i will not be buying and i wish i hadnt bought MOH.

bit more innovation required in this genre.

Shackdaddy8363647d ago

I just played it on PC. Its a lot of fun. Very good mode.

wat6343647d ago

EA obviously hates the xbox 360.

Im pretty sure it was delayed on purpose.

Shackdaddy8363647d ago

They dont hate it.

They just support PS3 and PC more.

Saying a company "hates" a console is just stupid.

Soldierone3647d ago

Its not like EA sold exclusive timed content to Sony or know like Activision said screw you to PS3 gamers.

Persistantthug3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

So that EA seems to favor Sony more, it kind of evens out.

lelo2play3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I don't know if they hate the X360 or if they delayed the DLC on purpose or not... but they certainly have a preference for the PS3, with exclusive content in certain games that will not be released on other platforms. Personally i think it's stupid of them, being a 3rd party studio, but they know best. They should try to make the most money they can, and they will not do that by ignoring one major console and the PC.

Moonboots3647d ago

It is free DLC so that is nice get to it whenever you can. I'll be playing Black Ops. EA bleh

SkylineR3647d ago

Due to Microsoft's exclusive deal with Activision to bring COD dlc first to the 360, means EA is "favoring" the PS3 with MOH and now it's DLC. (probably in "retaliation" for supporting EA's competitor)
No point really as MOH will be pretty much forgotten once COD is released to the masses.

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