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US to ban violent video games?

GGG: Our nation's highest justices are in the midst of debating a case about violent video games. They're trying to determine whether the government has the right to decide which video games minors should and shouldn't be allowed to buy. In other words, they're trying to determine whether centuries-old guidelines about free speech still apply to modern forms of media like Playstations and Xboxes.

Their decision, needless to say, could have serious implications on the future of First Amendment rights.

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Community3678d ago
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Yi-Long3678d ago

.... I mean, come on. Why wouln't a normal adult gamer be allowed to pick up a game that's deemed 'violent', without any scientific proof or real-world examples of those games being a worse influence or inciting crime or hate or violence or whatever than books, movies, music, whatever!?

So I don't see censorship of this kind happening.

However, there's a real problem that the industry might censor itself, or that big chains will refuse to sell certain titles, also paving the way for self-censorship.

Which is never ever a good thing.

Obviously, the whole topic about banning violent games is just ridiculous ofcourse.

If we're going to ban or censor games for being too violent, why not ban or censor the Bible or the other holy books as well!? Surely there's extreme violence in those books, plus unlike games, Religion HAS been proven to be a sincere motivator (scape-goat) for hate, violence, etc etc.

So I wonder if all those politicians who are in favour of banning violent videogames, also would ban the Bible or the Koran or the Torah or whatever, if it would have been the exact same content as the book, but this time in the form of a videogame.

I doubt it, and that just makes them hypocrites.

BTW, just to be clear: I oppose ANY kind of censorship or banning, so I'm also not pleading for a ban on religious books. I just bring up the comparison to point out the idiocy of the whole discussion.

Penno3678d ago

I kind of understand the argument that controlling a game character is worse than watching a movie -- in theory at least.

But the fact is, even the most realistic looking games still look like video games. They're like cartoons: nobody is going to mistake Marcus Fenix (or whoever) for a real person.

Until violent games becomes photo-realistic, I dont think they will ever be as psychologically damaging as movies. Seriously: Resident Evil 5 or The Human Centipede: which is more disturbing?

AndrewRyan3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Feel free to migrate to Canada friends. You are all welcome here, where we drink beer, eat lots of bacon, and play violent video games.

How can you call a country a democracy when they don't "allow" you to do something.

kanetheking3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

The Human Centipede sound's fucked up.....dood

Monkey5213678d ago

Andrew, you forgot to mention you have "Milk in a Bag" there also. Great Plus!

JackBNimble3678d ago

That's a nice thought dude, but if this goes through in America then I would expect Canada to follow suit soon after.
After all, Stephen Harper is nothing more then Americas puppet.

Hanif-8763678d ago

Ban violent video games?! Why don't they try to do something more productive with their time :-)

Spydiggity3678d ago

the worst, most damaging thing this country has are career politicians. lets make those fuckers illegal first, then go from there.

poindat3678d ago

Full transcript here:

The legislation was torn to pieces and utterly destroyed by the Justices, and the representative of the legislation ended up looking like a complete fool.

All is well.

Consoldtobots3678d ago

well that's the thing, despite popular mis-belief america IS NOT a democracy. IT IS a Constitutional Republic with democratic elections. Democracy = mob rule nothing more.
That's not to say that all these politicians would love nothing more than for the average schmuck to think this is a democracy.

HolyOrangeCows3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Pretty drastic title of an article for a bill for one state to have an age gate on the purchase of games...

"If this does go through...
Feel free to migrate to Canada friends
How can you call a country a democracy when they don't "allow" you to do something"
Because this will have SUUUUUUCH a huge impact on the other 49 states.....
Let a little air out of that nationalistic air bubble, buddy.

RBdrift3678d ago

WTF!!!Whos Stephen Harper?

To my Canadian buddies it just sarcasm eh

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OmarsAccount3678d ago

that they simply have mandatory censor options in every game.

CombineElite3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

What a waste of government and supreme court time. I swear they sit around talking about the stupidest stuff. "hey how can we make even more American's lives even more miserable"? Ban all video games, great idea, let's vote.

The gaming industry already has a solution for this right on the dam box.

Rated M or AO can not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Most states already have a system in place to fine store owners for this act but just like the movies, no one really enforces it because it's all about getting little johnny to spend his parents money.Since little Johnny's parent(s) are working two jobs just to feed little Johnny they don't know what the muck he does in his way too much spare time besides playing the hell out that xbox 360.

Video games do not make people violent PERIOD. If they did then no one would be left alive to play them as everyone in the world has played a violent video game. They said this same B.S. about movies, music, and wrestling. It's just another dam witch hunt.

I wish we could make it illegal for our government to be stupid besides the only real thing that makes people violent is a repressive government.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Well, if there is a law to prevent minors to buy M games.

I think is a good law.

KiLLUMiNATi_893678d ago

Well it's a NWO we all are controlled by it. But WTF now even this man. What's next we gotta ask permission to have sex now.

VenGencE9993678d ago

I don't understand what the big deal is. MINORS shouldn't be playing or buying M rated games. PERIOD. these wesites keep leaving that out in their titles. "US to ban violent video games for minors?" is how thw title SHOULD read.

and yes I only play M rated games and I hate hearing the voice of 14 and 15 year old little internet punks cursing each other out and little nine years olds talking about candy while I get my headshots off. and no I shouldn't have to mute these people match after match after match after match...

drosera13677d ago

Agreed man, it seems that most N4G readers are NOT actually reading the story. Minors should not be plying M rated games, period. Shops that allow that by selling the games to them SHOULD be fined. I hope the law goes through. For all the people yelling "Oh no, i don't want my M rated games banned", read the story!! You won't have a problem, unless you're a kiddie.

tdogg060519913677d ago

To tell you the truth I really don't find this trial a bad thing. I mean when using the common sense aspect I feel like yea games 17 an up shouldn't be played by kids under 17. There is a reason why GOW3 had been rated that because of boobs everywhere and all that jazz. My problem is the fact that video games aren't treated like Movies or books. That parents see them as any kid can play any game. Now that is ridiculous. By not giving minors any possible access to violent video games like ones that are M-mature just means the world considers them equal to Rated R movies which to me is fine. Also it would be awesome if they made M-mature games= adult games. Then developers could really go all over the top sex an violence that they couldn't do before. So yea I'm 19 and I want the bill to pass

jellybalboa3677d ago

yesterday on the news they were talking about legalising marijuana in california but at the same time they were talking about banning violent video games, whats this world coming to?

frostypants3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

The US will never ban violent video games. The f*cked up politicians in Australia sure would love such a precedent, though.

EDIT: I assume this is an Australian article, being that it's an Australian web address. If not, why the fuck is this article there?

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csimpson3678d ago

Never a fan of governments getting in the way and imposing their values on individual citizens!

Ilikegames763678d ago

happens, then it's good bye, Halo, KZ, GOW, GeOW, GTA, etc., it would be a sad day for a lot of gamers.

drosera13677d ago

For goodness sake, read the bloody article before spouting rubbish! THIS IS NOT A BAN ON VIOLENT GAMES, IT IS A PROPOSAL FOR A LAW PROHIBITING SHOPS FROM SELLING VIOLENT GAMES TO KIDS. Are you a kid?, if not, then don't worry.

awiseman3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

And wat annoys me is that nobody cares , the last submission that got approved only hit 200 degrees. You know what else? If it had been an article talking about Japan hating the Xbox befroe it was released or the PS3 owning the world It would have hit 1000 degrees<<<neither of those are REAL gaming articles. Then this comes along threatning the ENTIRE video gaming industry and nobody cares...but may its just the ps3 fanboyz say cuz i am a 1 bubble person.

voodoopickle3678d ago

I may be on the ps3 fanboy side... but i agree. people need to give a shit a little more when it counts. Im a parent and i would like to think that i get to choose what my daughter does, not the fucking government. and guess what, ill just buy the damn game for her if she wants it. so all they are doing is causing me an inconvenience, they arent actually stopping shit

VenGencE9993678d ago

uh, no. this doesn't affect the ENTIRE video gaming industry, it just affects minors playing and buying games they shouldn't be. Are you a minor playing an M rated game? if you are, then you should be worried...

tdogg060519913677d ago

Fucking idiots are all over N4G its a good bill.

tdogg060519913677d ago

Fucking idiots are all over N4G its a good bill.

awiseman3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I am not a minor tryin got buy video games. And the companies will have to amend the game-making formats to adhere to the new 18+ or not 18+ ratings if this passes.

And to the ppl down blaming the republicans, Arnold is not rly a rupublican, he has to be one of the wierdest governators I have seen. The concervative justices have been the biggest enemies of this bill so far If you can believe and the liberal justices are also no happy with it.

Dont believe me? Read the manuscirpt of the oral argument!

Call_me_Ishmael3678d ago

yeah,arnold stab us in the back.

CrippleH3678d ago

Damn Republicans doesn't want a powerful government yet try to limit the population freedom.