USA Today Review: 'Fable III' not quite fit for a king

USA Today: "If it's good to be king, then why am I making pies to earn some extra cash?

Although Lionhead Studios Fable III delivers a fascinating tale filled with interesting, humorous characters, it's unfortunate the action role-playing game didn't place greater emphasis on life sitting at the throne."

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WetN00dle693649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Well you do have to earn money ONE way or the other especially since you leave the castle to start a revolution WITH nothing but the clothes behind your back.
Besides back then most of the job consisted of Cooking, Cleaning, Black smiths, Whoring or Music playing there are more BUT these are pretty much the basic jobs. Two of those jobs have been scratched off cause no one likes cleaning so i doubt anyone would like to waste their time doing so in a video game and well whoring is definite out for many reasons.