Even the cleaning lady worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops

PSFocus writes: Josh Olin, the community manager at Treyarch, said to that everybody at Treyarch worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Not even one developer was working on another game and they all focused on Black Ops. Josh Olin explains why this was the case.

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perfectCarbonara3647d ago

I'm not surprised, after all it is trash.

nix3647d ago

i guess she helped them pick it from the trash after the testers threw it in the bin. q:

Red_Orange_Juice3647d ago

true that, that's why I'm not getting Black Ops

Scenarist3646d ago

U Wish you weren't getting black ops.

tdrules3647d ago

oh so you've played it, very lucky

Dnied3647d ago

lots of people have :S

Trunkz Jr3647d ago

The Title is a lie :( Nothing about a cleaning lady at all...

Domer253646d ago

Yeah, journalism at its finest. *sigh*

vickers5003646d ago

That doesn't stop all the "I'm cool because I hate CoD" idiots from eating these kinds of articles up.

Pathetic bunch of loers these kids are. You don't like the game and think it sucks? Fine, you're entitled to your opinion, but to go onto a game you know you hate and know you aren't going to buy and insult it and the people who are looking forward to it is one of the lamest and most pathetic things a person can do with their time.

Seriously, get a life. Go comment on articles of games you actually like and attempt to bring meaningful discussion to that article instead of wasting your sad little existences making fun of a game and the people who play it.

xino3646d ago

foreign site piece of sh*

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x8003647d ago

we dont need anymore news about this game goshhh.

NarooN3646d ago

Stop clicking on articles about it then.

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