EA admit Medal of Honor disappointment

Following some less than top notch review scores, EA have confirmed that their reboot of the Medal of Honor series wasn't as strong a game as it should have been.

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gcolley3643d ago

what do you expect when you rush things. doubt they will learn either. and also just a little tip... people like the SP and the MP to match in control systems at least, but come on a whole game engine that doesn't match. DICE should have been working on something worth while instead of being EAs bitches because EA doesnt have an answer to COD.

look at BF1943. 10 times the game MOH is and only 3 damn maps. DICE should be working on this game instead. what a shame to just forget about such a great game. the perfect complement to the more hardcore BC2.

BadKarmaSutra963643d ago

Try making a campaign that takes more than 4 hours on the hardest difficulty. Also, when someone plays a game on the hardest difficulty they expect to die more than twice in those 4 hours...