Suda 51 hints at No More Heroes' future

PGN writes: "Fans of No More Heroes and Suda 51 should be happy today to see this little hint of No More Heroes' future. "Not Dead" is what's very apparent about this promotional piece, which is a good sign that the series will see another installment somewhere down the road."

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DonkeyKingKong333642d ago

Well that's good to know because I'd be pissed if NMH was ever dropped. I say make a brand new game from ground up for the HD twins and a new one for Wii HD if one ever comes out.

Active Reload3642d ago

NMH is one of the best new franchises this gen.

EYEamNUMBER13642d ago

he already said before he plans to continue no more heroes on nintendos next home console

OldSchoolGamer33642d ago

Travis Touchdown is my favorite new character of this 7th gen.
He should be in a Smash Bros game down the road when he's had a few more titles under his belt.
Glad Suda is sticking by his creation despite none of the games so far selling to well.

GodzillaOwns3642d ago

I feel bad that nobody buys No More Heroes games. It's sad when you walk into Walmart and see them for $20..sure it's nice for the buyer, but that means that it didn't sell well so they dropped the price so much. It's a good game people! Suda your the man.

darksied3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Simple fix: release it for the ps3 (and maybe the 360) and NOT for the Wii. The saddest thing to me is that there's LOTS of good games that don't sell because they're on the wrong system. The few people who have a Wii and want to actually play mature games will suffer, but they're far in the minority on that system. If you release No More Heroes on the ps3 and 360, the developers will do a lot better, sales wise.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

"Simple fix: release it for the ps3 (and maybe the 360) and NOT for the Wii"

no big effect there, so your point is invalid =D

turok3642d ago

its funny how the ps3/360 version of the 1st NMH is doing just as bad as the original NMH and people keep forgetting that fact.

ur argument is fodder, just like ur logic.

Mahr3642d ago

"its funny how the ps3/360 version of the 1st NMH is doing just as bad as the original NMH and people keep forgetting that fact"

Er, the original No More Heroes did very well (worldwide, anyway; Japan was pretty terrible). That is why they issued press releases in Europe saying things like 'We are weeping with joy at these sales' and that is why they made a sequel and everything.

Desperate Struggle was the one that did not do nearly so well (which one *might* attribute to Ubisoft deciding to release it on the same day as vastly-more successful games like Tatsunoko v. Capcom and Mass Effect 2).

In all fairness, we've yet to see how the PS3 version will sell in the West (in Japan, Media Create put Paradise PS3 at 30K to the Wii's 40K and the 360's 20K; make of that what you will).

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WiiRemotes23642d ago

Suda did say that he feels that Travis should be in Super Smash Bros. (well duh of course every developer wants his character in that game) but has he earned that spot yet? I think that Nintendo should make sure Mega Man gets into the next one n' maybe if there's another NoMoreHeroes that comes out before then and sells well/earns high scores then Travis could be in it. Anyways good news regarding the series HAVING a future!

FiftyFourPointTwo3642d ago


My top 3 for the next Smash Bros game. I hope they make it in.

Cajun Chicken3642d ago

Then you'll love the fact I just changed my display pic to me cosplaying as him at MCM Expo London from last weekend!

allysaurus873642d ago

This just made my day! Now all I have to do is go pick up either BloodStone or Goldeneye to be complete. :)

WiiRemotes23642d ago

I do wonder what console would most people prefer it be on however...

allysaurus873642d ago

Good list. I love Layton!

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