America's Preorders Chart, 30 October 2010 - Kinect

"Overview – A busy week with six games in their final week before launch. Kinect the controller free gaming comes out on November 4, as pre-orders for Kinect games are on the rise in their final week before launch. 17 games in the top 30 added 10,000 new pre-orders this week. The top 10 games all have 100,000 or more pre-orders..."

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Dark3603649d ago

ps3 - Gran Turismo 5 - 242,570 (Pre-orders)

Xbox 360 - Kinect Adventures - 211,687 (Pre-orders)


Edit: Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Black Ops is a freaking beast 1,572,795 (Pre-orders)

RageAgainstTheMShine3649d ago

don't give them any hit

don't give them any hit

same with the trolls...don't feed them

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franco3649d ago

a lot of people canceling pre orders for GT5 due to delays I guess.

I wonder is pachter was right when he said that Black Ops would not beat Modern Warfare 2.

MeatPopsicle3649d ago


You are actually trying to rationalize fake numbers some kid typed into his computer and then uploaded to his crappy little website...

dtrain213649d ago

Black Ops (360) and Kinect will be massive.

Oh jeez GT5 is not lookin good and embarrassing.

Maybe next gen Sony will be 2nd and Micro will be 1st

MariaHelFutura3649d ago

I`m not sure how much more fanboyish/sheepish/stupid a comment can get.

Lyr1c3649d ago




52pickup3649d ago

Since Kinect Adventures is bundled with every Kinect and Kinect/360 bundle and is not sold individually then 211,687 also includes Kinect pre-order numbers,which is very poor considering it's sold out and won't sell much beyond those estimates without stock replenishment.

joex3649d ago

vgchartz: Kinect Adventures! (X360) is this week’s top game in its last week before release. After a decrease in the weekly change last week, pre-orders jump this week to 31,000, bringing the total to 212,000. With the game bundled with Kinect expect first week sales in America in the 400,000 to 500,000 range.

gamingdroid3649d ago

I was about to question that too. How do they get Kinect Adventure numbers, since it is isn't sold separately?

militant073649d ago

does any body know if it comes with 4gb/25gb kinect console?

WharenPeace3648d ago

Because it's vgchartz thumbsuckery. I still don't understand why vgchartz graphs are even posted on N4G. They've been debunked on more than one occasion for being nothing more than fabrication.

kagon013649d ago

" +"

-_- zzz...

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