Wii, DS Software Sales Continue to Plummet at EA

Nintendo recently posted its first six-month loss in seven years, leaving Satoru Iwata to defend the declining Wii and DS sales in front of investors, but it's become clear that leading publishers have been realigning their resources to other platforms as well - not a good sign for Nintendo. With today's Q2 fiscal report from Electronic Arts, we see that it's the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC that are driving sales, not the Wii or DS. In fact, year-over-year Wii software sales for EA have plummeted 82% while DS software sales have dropped 64%.

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donniebaseball3648d ago

I think this is another reason Nintendo needs to do something about the Wii to reinvigorate it because pubs aren't doing much with it these days.

Hardbladestone3648d ago

i own 1 game for my wii and can't find anything that me or my kids want to play ..

Gr813648d ago

So not much has changed here I see. The title itself is BS. The way it works is, since Wii is the platform and EA is the software maker, the title should read more along the lines of "EA's Sales Continue to Plummet on Wii"

And then we could all discuss why this is. I think the answers pretty obvious. EA's Sales are plummetting on every platform this gen. Yearly sports titles, big budget mediocre titles, copy cat fps's. I mean the list goes on and on.

EA's sales on Wii being what they are aren't Wii's fault, its EA's. No game since Tiger 09 has been handled with as much care from them, and the consumer has spoken. They have the audacity to retail release NBA Jam on Wii for 50$ with no online and are going to release the game over PSN/Live with online for what 15$? Same for Extraction.

No, EA has some issues to work out. But by the time they do, they may be a shell of their former selves..Actually they already are.

There's a reason Activision is wiping the floor with them.