Top 5 Worst Collector's Editions

Part one of a two-part look at what makes or breaks a collector's edition, Miles Messenger of The Married Gamers weighs in on 5 collector's editions that missed the mark.

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ShadowPraxis3649d ago

While I didn't get the Pip-Boy version, I did pick up the regular Fallout Collector's edition. Yay for lunchboxes and bobbleheads!

King-Leonidas3648d ago

strangely i can still find fallout´s 3 special edition lying in the shelves

GrieverSoul3648d ago

The worst part of these so called collector editions, is when the game releases all the DLC content in its game of the year edition. By doing that, it renders useless the colector edition.

Stupid, I know!

navysealrb3648d ago

and we actually had like 2 ps3 versions of the collectors edition of bioshock 2 on clearance for around 20 bucks. I dont remember the type of special edition it was but it was in a big square tin..

Perjoss3648d ago

Collectors edition is fine, so are the special editions, but when you see 'limited' editions sitting on the shelves months later you know it was just a big lie to get you to buy it. If something is truly limited people are more likely to drop some cash on a pre order.

MasterGuru3648d ago

I hate it especially when I just bought a much anticipated game early and then 4 months later, the GOTY edition releases with all DLCs and special contents. It's F-ing frustrating.

lovestospoodge3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

i paid £110 (yes pounds) for gowIII ultimate trilogy edition. I admit the game was freakin incredible, as well as the 2 previous games in HD. but the rest was pointless. soundtracks? artbook? box? (actually use the box to hide certain things in ;)) all those for about 40 pounds more than just the 3 games? cmon

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Christopher3648d ago

One correction on the F3 CE. The clocks didn't break for the most part, the issue was that it sapped the battery life like no body's business.

Perjoss3648d ago

I'm not surprised, that thing was originally designed to run on a small plutonium power cell or something, current day batteries cannot keep up.

vhero3648d ago

Ack that Halo 3 collectors Edition.. I had that got it free with my 2nd 360.. Got it home to find it wouldn't work went and got a replacement to find that didn't work either so the third I actually got them to give me a disc out of a regular edition box in a sleeve and took it home and put the sleeve in my tin. All those bus rides! Worst design ever for a box.. But they carried on using it..

Neo Nugget3648d ago

I agree with the AC1 CE. That thing was a waste of money :( Tiny Altair, short comic, crap tin case. :/

skip2mylou3648d ago

man the tin cases were already dented in when i went to the store to see them so that was another minus to the collectors edition of AC and Fallout 3

Hideo_Kojima3648d ago

They were like that so they would look old as if you had found them in the real wasteland many many years after a nuclear war...


candybeans3648d ago

Makes me glad I got a free upgrade to the CE. I bought it, they still had the stuff lying around, they just gave it to me. Gotta love small towns. :D

Chnswdchldrn3648d ago

Where are those garbage night vision goggles that were made in china and can see about 2 feet in front of ya, and where is that ugly overpriced piece of shit RC car collector edition?

thereapersson3648d ago

It's CoD. No website would dare tarnish such a 11/10 rated series, with such prestigious game play and realistic multiplayer.


Hideo_Kojima3648d ago

Only one game that I know of has come close to 11/10 and that is Uncharted 2 which scored a 10.5/10


poindat3648d ago

I was about to mention this. $149 for a mediocre game and some plastic night vision goggles no better than those you can find at Toys R Us for $20? Ridiculous. You could buy a DS Lite for cheaper than that. Stupidity at its finest.

gillri3648d ago

Mass Effect 2's was really bad...shame as its my GOTY for 2010, ME1's collectors edition was much better

despair3648d ago

I'm surprised no mention of SFIV collector edition, for $80.00 at the time you got crap, I mean that was the worst quality figurine I ever saw.

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