SG Review: Playstation Move Shooting Attachment

SG: SG’s very own Yamster reviewed The Shoot and I will have a review of Time Crisis: Razing Storm incoming very soon – with all these Move based shooting games on the horizon I thought it best to have a look down the sights of the gun attachment that I picked up to go with it.

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-Mezzo-3644d ago

Who Photoshoped that, it's amazing.

Hitman07693644d ago

True indeed, a great photoshop! :)

I personally love the Shooting attachment.

No FanS Land3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

wait you have to see this, it was the thumbnail photo of an article last year.

damn it doesn't work.

it's a face of kotick drawn in the style of the borderlands cover.
I guess it hsould work now, I sent a public facebook url.

visualb3644d ago

but its not "amazing" imo

its well done, and smart, but execution isn't top notch (I work w photoshop so Im being stupidly demanding)

damn good idea though =) Move + all the games = cool, could even be used as an AD! (if done a little better, higher res img, etc)

mac_sparrow3644d ago

I agree, looks like only a few layers and then an eraser tool set to brush painting out the original photo's bg. It's a bloody good idea though, but needs work.

Top marks for inventiveness

Tommykrem3644d ago

I wish I bought it while I was in New York. I had 400 dollars I didn't know what to do with anyway.

CrzyFooL3644d ago

Sarcastic gamer is sarcastic!!

Killed4Less3644d ago

I tried to find the gun attachment at several stores and none of them had it. They had some third party but I wanted the Sony one.

3644d ago