Goldeneye 007: Review round-up

Nintendo Universe writes:

With the North American embargo lifting for Eurocom's re-imagining of true N64 classic Goldeneye, we provide a run down of the scores as they come pouring in. Will Bond return to the Wii in style, or is the whole experience a little too shaken?

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Spinal3650d ago

Certainly doesn't look like Goldeneye to me. Which is fail all they had to do was give it the HD make over like God of War 1/2. Instead they almost completely made it different.

As a gamer I speak with my wallet, that said I wont spend a penny on this.

Rampaged Death3650d ago

Would you really enjoy gameplay that is outdated ? I think they have made the right decision with this.

Seferoth753650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I would hope it wouldnt look like a game from 2 gens ago. Of course reviews are saying they captured the core of what made Goldeneye fun but just ignore the people who actually played it.

gamerdude1323650d ago

While the original is fun to go back and play,FPS gaming has changed so why shouldn't GoldenEye? And GoW was from last gen when gameplay wasn't much different than now, so it had an excuse to remain the same.

VictoriousB133650d ago

Go hook up your N64 if you're hurting to play the original. This is 2010. Change is required for an old game like Goldeneye.

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3650d ago
AWBrawler3650d ago

I'm getting this day one!