Microsoft Issues Work-Around For Boot To Disc Issues Inherent With Dashboard Update

Microsoft has acknowledged a boot to disc issue users are experiencing with the latest dashboard update on Xbox 360.

According to reports, users who want to insert a disc after switching on the console are instead met with the Xbox Dashboard instead of the disc contents, even after changing the start-up settings to load a disc or media center extender.

The option isn’t available, apparently, and Major Nelson has said it will be fixed in a future update.

Until then, Microsoft has issued a work around which is as follows...

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limewax3648d ago

why should I need to do a work around? you had ages to make this dashboard work now just fix it

Active Reload3648d ago

Do you think they heard you?

limewax3648d ago

they wouldnt even if I screamed it in greenbergs ear while burning the text into his forehead, Just voicing an opinion

GodsHand3648d ago

After this update my PS3 YLoD.

Or atleast I am waiting for an article that would say something similair, like every other update that comes out for the PS3.

Yeah, yeah I know this is a Xbox360 article just trying to have a few laughs. So for all you seroius people that can't enjoy a little humor go and choke on a chode.

siyrobbo3648d ago

but where is the humour?

GodsHand3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Well some there are variable degrees of humor, perhaps something a little simpler just for you.


RankFTW3648d ago

Well since MS only update like once a year does this mean we have to wait untill next November?

shysun3648d ago

it's about 1 per quarter.

radphil3648d ago

was that people were denying these issues left and right on this site, when I had a connection one happen to me when trying to update.

shysun3648d ago

No the problem is the 260 guys who bashed the PS3 for the same reasons......Carma is a bitch! :(