Who Should Be Responsible For Keeping Violent Games From Children?

Kotaku: A Gallup survey conducted over the weekend finds that while Americans believe the greatest responsibility for keeping violent games out of children's hands lies with parents, they aren't opposed to the government stepping in to help.

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Nitrowolf23649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

See, its all parents.
The 4% who said other wise are stupid same with the 28 who says governemnt should have control over that. I guess they should have control over Rated R movies? I mean give then control over this is just bad, why don't they ban alcolohol? Its done way more damage then gaming has, there is age restriction for it and yet even with that people still end up dieing every year due to drunk crashes or drunk killing. I mean why would a ban on m rated games be needed? I think this whole video game is violent thing is getting out of control, just saying there are far worse thing then violent games. Hell, i did a research paper about it and discovered that when big games come out the level of crimes is lower since all these people who were going to commit crime are now playing games that came out.

People there is such thing as parental control on gaming console. I think the best way would be to make it mandatory for game companies to ship a big paper saying how to use parental control on the system, and also have retailers hand them out with a purchase of a console, rather then have them try and ban it. That way, as if they weren't already warned, they could keep their children from playing any bad games

@below dude i don't even care, i am hoping gaming wins this case other wise games like Halo, Killzone, Resistance, Demon Soul, Gears of war, Call of Duty, god of war, heavy rain. All those games won't be what they are meant to be in the future, It will limit devs on what can be put in the game. There are games out there that aren't rated M like Uncharted and infamous that do a really good job, but still devs are meant to express the way that they feel that their games should be.

frjoethesecond3649d ago

I wonder if you'll get disagrees. For the sake of the children, I hope not.

DORMIN3649d ago

Obviously it should be PARENTS, but Its pretty much common knowledge that sometimes people are bad parents yet they continue to breed like rabbits.

I'll just leave it at that, I dont want to get into whether the government needs to step in.

EYEamNUMBER13649d ago

parents its as simple as that and there is nothing more to it than that its the parents

HolyOrangeCows3649d ago

Old people who are completely disconnected from our lives that think they know what's best for us.


/s (obviously)

JackBNimble3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

and I agree that it does, then the retailer has NO business selling or renting M rated games to kids. If it's up to the parent to determine what content is suitable for their children , then it should be up to the parent to purchase it and not the child.

I know there are retailers who will not sell or rent M rated games to minors , but there are also retailers that do.

Everyone expects the retailers not to sell alcohol ,porn or R rated movies to kids and there are laws against it, so how are M rated games any different. If it is intended for an 18+ audience then the retailer needs to be held accountable to some level if they sell these games to kids.

Sure it ends up being the parents responsiblity and should be, but lets face it any parent will tell you, give a kid an inch and they'll try to take a mile.

Lightsaber3649d ago

how about their god damn F'ing lazy @ss parents

Enate3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

If it was just the case of a fine as it is being presented on the surface it wouldn't be that big of an issue. You need to read this entire article here and see what things like this could lead into.

(FTR I am currently 24 years of age and a full time student.)

The overall point to this is that the responsibility must remain with the parent for this simple reason. The government does not know me like my mother knows me. My mother knew that at age 6 I was already as mature as someone far older then me. An as such I was aloud to play pretty much anything I wanted within reason. I am now 24 years of age and have played video games all my life and a lot of them quote on quote violent if you will.

Yet I have been told on numerous occasions that I am one of the nicest, most respectable young men some have come to meet. An I am often teased by my friends for seeking a diplomatic approach to a conflict. As apposed to an all out war in some of the mmo's we play. Even with us being in a position to strike the opposition down effortlessly. If games have done anything for me it has been nothing but good. keeping me and friends out of any trouble we could have gotten into and helping me relieve stress.

Also I want to give one more personal example in closing. Just the other week an insurance rep called to speak to my mother who was not home at the time. An later on when the rep did speak to my mother the women spoke so highly of my mannerism. My mother had to come tell me right after she was off the phone. Yet I was in no shock because this is how I was raised by my MOTHER not the GOVERNMENT. There are many things parents are there to instill in their children. An as humans not everyone makes the right choices or has the perfect children that heed all of their advice but we try.

It is not the governments place to step in a parents place in this situation. It is no different then a parent having the liberty or right to decide if their child can watch a certain movie. As far as aggression being linked to games please. Studies are small controlled groups with one million other factors yet they are only looking for one. I could link a wide sweeping statement of aggression to something over 100 million people do as well. All you have to do is look hard enough.

The biggest point here is they are looking for a constant with a subject that has to many variables. In science terms you need a control and a constant from which you are testing. Gaming is an external source. Therefore not a constant within the subjects itself because people are nothing but variables, none of us are exactly the same.

JackBNimble3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I am happy that you turned out to be a fine young man and a contributing member of society, but what does that have to do with anything?

Understand one thing, I've been a parent now for 13 years and I agree that it is the parents responsibility to filter what content they feel is suitable for their own children. This means (atleast to me) that if the parent is the one to bare the full responsibility then the parent should be the one to buy the content and not the child.

I don't think there is anything wrong with a law that would prevent a retailer from selling M rated (17+ or adult) content of any kind to a minor/child under 17. A law like that might actually open up some of thoughs "BAD PARENTS" eye's to what their kids are playing.

I don't understand how any of this would threaten any of you or your way of life unless you're 12 years old and can't get a copy of your favorite M rated game.

EDIT: I also don't agree with banning games or censorship.

Enate3648d ago

Sorry about that the part after the link wasn't in response to you that was to the article and cnn. The thing I wanted you to read was the link. It goes into detail showing what the actual law would be proposing fully. An it ultimately gives individual states the ability to make their own versions of the law if passed. In the end leading to censorship for developers having to bend over backwards to the strictest rules first. Which is why I stated that if it was only a fine for selling M rated games to minors it wouldn't be that big of a deal because that's pretty much in place already.

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dredgewalker3649d ago

Agreed, I'm also a parent and I keep watch on all the games my child plays. We sometimes play games like Castle Crashers but I do my best to explain that violence isn't good though. All in all parental supervision is necessary in not just games but in every aspect of their growing life so they will become well adjusted adults in the future.

Focker4203649d ago

The law would make any game that portrays acts of violence against human or human-like beings automatically 'adults only'. Even if there is no blood or gore.

bviperz3649d ago

Well said, people should be more responsible especially when you are raising kids.

Seraphim3649d ago

it's so bad right now in America that people and government feel that government needs to dictate every aspect of our lives. What happened to common sense? What happened to parenting? Where did we go so wrong that people and those who govern feel the need that Government must control, regulate and set standards and laws for every thing?

Parents, Parents, Parents. say it with me people, Parenting

   /ˈpɛərəntɪŋ, ˈpær-/ Show Spelled[pair-uhn-ting, par-] Show IPA
the rearing of children: The schedule allows her very little time for parenting.
the methods, techniques, etc., used or required in the rearing of children: a course in parenting.
the state of being a parent; parenthood.
of or concerned with the rearing of children: good parenting skills.

it is their duty and job as parents, having had these children, to raise them, nurture them, show them right and wrong, etc, etc. While young [through teens] to watch over them, monitor the content & things they are involved w/ and doing.

there's really not a whole lot of room for discussion. As a parent it's their duty. They decided to bare child and it's their job to watch over them & what they're doing until the age of 17-18 when they are an adult. Is it really that to grasp the idea that being a parents requires parenting and things like this are typical things that fall under parenting?

cb4g3649d ago

...a lot of parents are uninformed when it comes to what is inappropriate for their children.

When I was growing up, the most heinous game for kids was probably Leisure Suit Larry. It was a lot easier back then to know what was inappropriate for children - sex. Violence wasn't such an issue since it was so pixelated and unrealistic.

Now, it's commonplace for games to contain some kind of sexual reference, drug reference and/or graphic violence. Adult content has become the mainstream and I think it just makes it harder for parents to have a firm grasp on what is appropriate for their kids.

Ultimately, it's the parents' responsibility to monitor their kids but I think there should be laws put in place to help the parents out a little.

Seraphim3644d ago


back when I was a kid there was no ESRB. You can't argue "It was a lot easier back then to know what was inappropriate for children..."

Especially considering how easy it is to find what kind of content is in any game now that they ESRB has been established and rates games not only accordingly but properly. A simple glance at the cover shows rating, the back of the box says all reasons for such rating. Now I will agree that quite often they are just uninformed and not aware of how or what to look at. However 2 minutes of your time by doing a simple Google Search & reading will yield results that would easily educate and inform parents who actually cared to look. In life it's your responsibility to research and understand those things you might not. It's not the Governments job to produce law to protect those who are too lazy to educate themselves.

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Masamori Sumimura3649d ago

My son will be 5 years old playing the latest Violent games. I wont mind because I'll teach him what is real and what is not.

Anon19743649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

While you're at it, why don't you sit them down in front of one of the SAW movies? It won't affect them, because you'll have taught them what's real and what's not! In fact, you can probably sit them down in front of the entire SAW series, then throw in some porn while you're at it while you nip out to pick up your "Parent of the Year" application forms while your 5 year old fights off night terrors. Oh, that's right! He won't get them because you'll have explained to him what's real and what's not.

I'm against censorship of videogames and truly think it should be in the hands of parents but then guys like this come along and you realize that commons sense really isn't always common.

ThatArtGuy3649d ago

"Imagine now stupid the average person is. Now remember that half of the population is stupider than them." - George Carlin

Masamori Sumimura3649d ago

It's funny you guys react like that because I dont see what's wrong with having a kid playing these video games.

Most of the kids that are affected by these ''violent'' videogames already have problems in their heads. I've been playing violent video games watching Horror movies since a kid and guess what? Nothing wrong ever happened to me. I never felt like taking a knife and killing somebody. I had big cousins around me watching with me playing with me. I've always been able to make the difference between Fiction and real-life. My son will be able aswell Since I dont expect him to be stuck with mental problems like some out there.

VenGencE9993649d ago

You'd let your 5 yr old play violent games? I hope your thinking changes once you are old enough to have sex, because you've got to be either young or an idiot thinking like that.

CaptainKratos3649d ago

I played Mortal Kombat when i was six with my brothers and cousins.My parents never noticed. :(

I wont let my kids play violent games.have you seen them lately!!!? They certainly are not the same like they were 17 years ago.

Focker4203649d ago

Then when your genius five year old finds a gun and blows your head off I'll know who to blame. Do you even know how a five year old's thought process works?? Apparently not.

I can't believe how stupid people are sometimes.

Hitman07693649d ago

Definitely the parents, the ESRB and retailers do more than enough and if the parent is letting it get to the kids even with the current standards in place than it is their own fault just like movies.

Octo13649d ago

I say places that sell video games should have a set up where they can show a video clip of whats in fact happens in game. This way the buyer knows what they or whom they are buying the game will be in for. Just a thought and I think is a bit over the top but hey, it's and idea.

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