Will NextBox 720 be Download Only?

Paul writes, "...So what does all this mean for the next generation? Microsoft seems to think that the future is digital distribution and does not see the failure of HD DVD is a relevant event to the videogame industry. Although on one spectrum of industry we're seeing a massive increase in file size with each game that releases, there is another growing section of the industry that does not rely on large file sizes to bring entertaining experiences for gamers. Xbox Live Arcade as well as the PlayStation Network have seen loads of games with a reasonably small file size that were released purely digital for download by a massive and growing audience of online game consumers. This is where Microsoft sees the future, and the download only world...."

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Hayabusaman3647d ago

I seriously hope not, I love my discs.

Seijoru3647d ago Show
piroh3644d ago

download only is a bad idea look at PSP Go

Hayabusawoman133647d ago

I really hope not. I like to have a disk as well. I pay for it, I want a hard copy as well. sure you can say you can always download another copy if something happens. but when it comes to my games I want my disc too.

I wouldn't buy from anyone that converted to down loadable purchases only.

Godmars2903647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Lets see MS alienate potential buyers who can't go online or have a poor connection. Nevermind the ones who want physical media.

Nbmaster3647d ago

I hope not. i kinda like to have the discs.

frankymv3647d ago

I think the next xbox will have optical media, however, the focus will be towards smaller sized games that can be downloaded.

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The story is too old to be commented.