Medal of Honor sales at 2+ million

TVGB: "EA has given an update on the sales of last month's Medal of Honor reboot; the company's Q2 fiscal 2011 data, released today, shows that the Danger Close/DICE collaboration has sold through 2+ million copies in the first two weeks of availability."

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BubbleSystemSuck3649d ago

Nice! so happy... just platinated my Moh...
now waiting for the MoH2.

And now, CoD:BO, is just around the corner whoohooo

jjank113649d ago

Really, can you teach me how to "Platinated" in MoH? I didn't know it had this feature

gtamike3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

poor customers I feel sorry for them all...

I can't wait for this :D

Ju3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

What's to be sorry about? Enjoying every minute playing. Glad it sold, despite anti-propaganda.

jjank113649d ago get as much kudos as I can give here. KZ3 will be the shiznit!!

zeddy3649d ago

glad it did well even though i didnt get it, hopefully they put some of that money to mirrors egde 2.

Seijoru3650d ago

Its an fps, of course it will sell well.

Neckbear3649d ago

It's a First Person Shooter with alot of advertisement, of course it would sell well.

dkblackhawk503649d ago

lol @Neckbear...advertising? looking at black ops.

shazui1233649d ago

wow, 2 million across three platforms? That would mean (presuming it's split equally) 666,666 for each platform.. I wouldve thought an FPS game like this would usually sell more than that

jjank113649d ago

Well I believe the breakout for this game was around like 50% 360, 45% PS3 and 5% PC.

2 million for a FPS these days is actually quite low for worldwide all-platforms. Especially a big name FPS game. Crap, even a broken game like Operation Flashpoint DR has probably sold close to 2 million worldwide across all consoles. By the way, I love that game, unfortunately it was way too bugged out and probably too complex for most folks.

KZ3 will outsell MoH, probably in its first week, and its an exclusive

frankymv3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

No one will be playing this game once black ops releases.

Boody-Bandit3649d ago

I'm still playing BFBC2.
I am getting Black Ops but if it is like MW2 I will quickly go back to BFBC2. I am hoping it's not but I'm not holding my breath.

alex33693649d ago

bfbc2 is completely different then the cod/moh gameplay style. i agree that bfbc2 kick mw2's butt. however bfbc2 is different so owning a bfbc2/cod combo is good because once again different sytles but the cod/moh combo are the exact same game style so that it would be dumb considering cod games expertise is at arcade style fast gameplay and moh is well...... average
bfbc2/CoD BO= GOTY
MW2= fail

HeavenlySnipes3649d ago

many established franchises this gen for this to be noticed by the end of the year going into Jan. Black Ops, Reach, Crysis 2, KZ3 all are/will be better than this game. I feel bad to. I remember when I used to call COD a MOH ripoff back in the day lol.

They should have gone modrn early in the lives of the PS3 and 360. Now it looks to people that they are just trying to ripoff MW/2 success

Close_Second3649d ago

...please address the fact that we have too many snipers during multiplayer. This morning I was playing a round and half the attacking team quit as they were not winning. The half that quit were sniping and not really helping their team to win!

Am I the only one that gets frustrated over the number of people sniping in this game?

showtimefolks3649d ago

too many people play the game to just win/loss more than have fun they want to rank in top 5 every time in kills and stuff where is teh fun if you are standing back and just sniping there should not be any snipers in online FPS

and that's just my own personal opinion

360nPS3rTheSAME3649d ago

add less mobility(cant run). Make them adjust sights. All that would turn most would be snipers off since it would require a very skilled player

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3649d ago

agree with all the snipers, a huge pain in the ass. I wish they would add a filter to allow to play without snipers or seeing as how they are such a huge pain in the ass for this game give them an extended respawn time. I think 20 seconds or more would discourage some from sitting on the top of the mountain and spawn sniping.

The one good thing they did with the sniper aspect is to get rid of the prone. I couldnt imagine how awful this would be if you get a bunch of those rat bastards laying down sniping spawn points. The snipers could use a tweaking to make them so that anyone who picks them up can go 10-3, from 3-10 with any other weapon.

willie323649d ago

I completely agree with you. I would love to see a shooter get rid of the sniper all together online. Objective based games ike BFBC 2, and MAG do not need snipers. Snipers do not help at all in these types of games.

Ju3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Its not that bad. I got used to it somewhat and I don't really experience the high numbers of snipers any more. In the beginning it was different. But even for the snipers, it gets them nowhere as soon as you get used to the play style and actually work around the snipers.

But I agree, remove the one shot kills for the snippers (at least for the long(est) range guns), and it will be a different game. Would give you a chance to counter that shot if you make it into cover in time.

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