StrengthGamer: Ghost of Sparta Review- Kratos has Daddy Issues

In God of War Ghost of Sparta, you once again control Kratos as he runs around screaming and being angry at every chance he gets. The game takes place between God of War and God of War 2, and apparently Kratos has a long lost brother.

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AvidGamerrrr3647d ago

Totally agree. Games are fun but Kratos sucks.

King-Leonidas3647d ago ShowReplies(1)
Greek God3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

bla blah
Kratos owns on consoles and handhelds
you shall receive your punishment for this blasphemy by kratos soon..

my King well said bubble+

King-Leonidas3647d ago

He asked for it. Insulting us Spartans like that, he´s lucky...

Greek God3647d ago

we shall have mercy with this ignorant fool
maybe..maybe one day he is going to play the GoW SeRIES
and come back to beg for forgiveness lets move on..

DORMIN3647d ago

Terrible review.

Giving the game 1/10 for originality when this is the only game that really gets into Kratos' emotional side as to why is an angry beast

gamingisnotacrime3647d ago

so that tells u something lol

gamingisnotacrime3647d ago

GoW3 is od nough for evrone to know what happened

SuperStrokey11233647d ago

dammit i just bought it lol and ive been able to avoid it till now lol. Oh well i guess, not really a shocker...

DORMIN3647d ago

Yeah that was messed up.

But it was pretty obvious that Kratos was going to do it. Afterall, he is the SLAYER OF GODS! Don't let that spoil you, there are oh so many surprises to still come across in GoW3.

gillri3647d ago

Kratos is a douche im afraid, great games though

King-Leonidas3647d ago

keep it quiet or Kratos might rape you.

Greek God3647d ago

already too late
urgh *looks away*

gillri3647d ago

judging by your love for kratos and my hatred for him, you would probably prefer it

Army_of_Darkness3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

lol! as much as I think GOW and Kratos is badass, that was a good one gillri.

I think I'm the only one to agree with your comment hahaha!

UNCyrus3647d ago

Originality: 1/10...
STFU StrengthGamer. And you wonder why you're not on the media list for review copies of games.

Taggart4513647d ago

It's a shame that I can only give you one bubble.

Dannycr3647d ago

Is that actually a real review? I would like a refund of the hit I gave to that site and an apology from the guy who wrote this "thing" (review or article doesn't fit the description).

Gaming journalism is on an all-time low. Even if you don't like the game, Kratos or God Of War in general, that review seems so childish.

BrianC62343647d ago

It's a very lame review. I think he has daddy issues.

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