Seven Weeks On Reach: Did It Deserve A 9?

Dealspwn's Jon Lester writes: "now the fuss has died down enough to hear a nagging undercurrent of disappointment and dissent. Many people felt let down by myriad aspects of Halo Reach’s campaign and multiplayer; and now we’ve had seven weeks to settle into the routine, I’ve undertaken a thorough analysis of the game as well as how it’s evolved over these last few weeks."

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Hellsvacancy3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Halo Reach news has gone rather quite lately, the game seems to of cum and gone like a tumble weed, a rather big tumble weed at that (meanin it sold loads) but no 1 talks about it anymore, even after all these years KillZone 2 still gets used in game comparisons

Seijoru3650d ago

The game is kinda forgettable, not like Halo 1 was.