Microsoft: New 360 Dash Helps Indies

Microsoft has answered concerns that the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update marginalises Xbox Live Indie Games, insisting the new set-up will work better for independent developers.

A spokesperson for the platform holder told Eurogamer, "Microsoft continues to support the efforts of independent game developers."

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ClownBelt3649d ago

That's pretty nice. Very nice update altogether it seems.

Adva3649d ago

Lol indies complain, yet Microsoft says the opposite.

gigaware3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Actually the whole thing started with some bloggers upset trying to get hits and stir up the fanboys. All this indie talk came from haters speculating on why Microsoft was trying to hide the indie games as if suggesting failure.

It was a bitter move trying to downplay the update and get hits. If you had a 360 you would know everything is grouped together in different categories a step/a click back"buried"

Godmars2903649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Bottom line however is weather the indie game section is an easy find or not. If it isn't then MS saying otherwise doesn't make it true.

diatom3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

It worked for Obi-Wan...

sinclaircrown3649d ago

Bottom line is nothing is 'hard' to find. At least not to anyone with half a brain.

Godmars2903649d ago

You want to argue the difference of having to go look for something when you don't know that it exist between having it advertised no matter how slightly, positioned along a menu so you don't need a tenth of brain, hey, go to town.

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TreMillz3649d ago

Really now? I've heard otherwise...

DelbertGrady3649d ago

Yeah. They should go the way of Sony and Nintendo and just ignore indie devs completely.
Giving them their own channel on Xbox Live and letting them host up to 10 games for $120/year is pure evil...

King-Leonidas3649d ago

man can you guys just not use greeburgs ugly face as pictures in future acrticles?

PirateThom3649d ago

Sony "ignore" indie devs?

flOw? Flower? Everyday Shooter? Joe Danger? Shatter?

Creat Studios being able to self publish?

Braid and Castle Crashers?

Not to discount what Microsoft have done, but consider the games Sony have actively SOUGHT OUT from independent developers and given advertising too via their blog and store fronts. Tons of indie games on PSN, a lot of self-publishing, some published by Sony for the developers.

IHateYouFanboys3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

@PirateThom: "Sony "ignore" indie devs?

flOw? Flower? Everyday Shooter? Joe Danger? Shatter? "

yes, compared to Microsoft sony DO ignore indie devs.

on the 360, anyone with a PC and visual studio/XNA can make and release a 360 game to Xbox Live. anyone. you could do it. i could do it. joe blow down the road could do it.

Sony dont have anything like the "Indie Games" process, thats just 100% fact. do you have access to a PS3 dev kit? can you make a PS3 game and release it on the PSN? no? well if youve got a PC, you can make a game and release it on Xbox Live. thats the difference.

personally i think its GOOD that Indie Games are separate from normal XBLA games. why? because - and if youre an indie dev dont take this the wrong way, im actually also currently tinkering around with making games in XNA - for every half decent Indie game there are a dozen absolutely rubbish ones. Image how cluttered the games section would be if you suddenly had all these rubbish indie games flooding the marketplace. people might think theyre buying a full on arcade game, built from a team of 50+ people, when theyre really buying a game made by some 12 year old in his parents basement and it consists of nothing but a big cock flashing around the screen.

there NEEDS to be separation from XBLA games and Indie Games. absolutely needs to be. i think they handled it well.

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Masamori Sumimura3649d ago

Man , The last Dashboard was great. Kinect consoles should be the ones with that Dashboard and Us who dont want nothing to do with it should be able to use the old one.

I think the new Dashboard is Slower and clunky compared to the old one.

Triella3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

@Masamori Sumimura
It has to be or else people who navigate with Kinect will feel penalized when they have to wait 4 seconds for each of their selection to resgister.

IHateYouFanboys3649d ago


the dashboard isnt some new one for Kinect - Kinect has its own SEPARATE dashboard. how did you guys not know this? to get to it you can either choose it from the main dashboard menu items, or wave your hands around and then motion to go to the kinect-only dashboard.

let me reiterate - there are now 2 dashboards. the regular one thats just gotten a little facelift and speed improvement, and then theres the new Kinect ONLY dashboard. if you dont have kinect, you cant use the new Kinect Only dashboard.

Christopher3649d ago

As weekly sales reports are revealed, the Indie Developers will tell Microsoft if it's better or not.

Right now, it's the Indie Developer crowd that is bothered the most by this change, not consumers.

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awiseman3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Most of the changes have been behind the scenes in the form of anti-piracy and enabling 3d support for upcoming titles like Crysis 2 and Blk ops. Also Adding Kinect finctionality.

In my opinion, the original Balde system was the best. I loved the professional look but then ms started trying to appeal to younger audiences with their wii-like style and things want downhill.

gamingdroid3649d ago

I personally like the newer design much better. The old design was flawed in so many ways when it comes to presenting you with content.

Heck, the way it is now I have visible access to so much content.

... but yeah, it is a personal preference.

Chaostar3649d ago

"Microsoft: New 360 Dash Helps Indies"

Good, one needs help getting this gold trophy:


plb3649d ago

Indie devs are now treated like MS's red headed step child.

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