The media still doesn't understand video games

“Video games will rot your brain,” is a common sentiment, especially amongst the older generations who believe that video games are making kids stupider. Not surprising to most teenage boys, however, is that video games are not making them less intelligent at all but may instead be giving their brains quite the workout, increasing a variety of mental processes and abilities and actually making them smarter (not to mention significantly more awesome in every way). In The Economist article “The skills from zapping ‘em,” the unnamed author does a decent job convincing the reader of some of these potential benefits, yet he (or she) undermines the validity of everything he has written with a terrible conclusion that basically dismisses the findings. He feels the benefits of video games might not be worth the time invested in playing them, but he is completely wrong. Why doesn't the media understand our medium?

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Cookigaki3645d ago

Surprisingly interesting read. Not used to this level of depth from examiner