Sony's PlayStation Network Steps Up Original Content Effort‎

Starting Tuesday afternoon, Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Network is bringing back its first original series The Tester for a second season, and looks to take it to the next level.

The sophomore season will feature integrated advertising partners that bring in revenue, longer episodes -- as requested by fans -- and new elements to engage viewers more, including a loft that the contestants will be based at, which allows for more romance and conflict, and in-home contests with prizes attached.

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Balt 3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Sony bugs me. They seldom release content I want to actually sit down and play, let alone sit down and watch. Why can't they understand what consumers, their core consumers, want? It's not a worthless reality TV show. It's not 2 dollars of a 15 year old Ps1 game. It's new experiences that will define and underline why you got the Ps3, some of us at 600 bucks a whack and again at 400 bucks and 300 bucks.

I want to have a reason to say, a definitive one, this is why you buy a Ps3. There is the right choice (PS3) and the wrong choice (Xbox 360/Wii); that is what I feel Sony should be focusing on.