What Does A Fitness Trainer Really Think About Kinect And Your Shape Fitness Evolved?

When Kinect releases, several games will focus on health and fitness. Every year countless people seek health and wellness and make resolutions to getting on the right track. As everyone is aware, often these resolutions never evolve into a workout regiment that can be stuck to for long periods of time. So what if instead of doing the "normal" everyday exercises, people could game their way into a healthy lifestyle?

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xxxAnubisxxx3643d ago

At least he knows that people still need to get off their fat a**es and do some real activity

Hellsvacancy3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

If i want "real" activity i take my dog 4 a walk (whilst smokin a joint so it kinda cancels itself out) or i take my daughter to the park (NO smokin)

I game to relax myself, not get fit, although im lookin at gettin a Move bundle over the weekend im not necessarily buyin it 4 Move, it just works out more cost efficient (£250 120gig no games or £259 160gig with the Move starter pack)

Sprawlin across my sofa usin Move to navigate the XMB whilst watchin a film or listenin 2 sum tunes sounds appealin though

GodsHand3643d ago

LOL, how does smoking a J cancel out the walking part?

As far as I know, smoking although not good for your lungs, does not contribute to calories, or fat intake.

Anyways, working out and playing a video game could be fun, but I doubt it. I think once a fully fledge VR system comes to an afforable range for people, then you will start to see some seroius benifits. I would love to have some sort of holodeck like in star trek.

RBlaze3643d ago

... Sit and watch fat people play that game ALL DAY! That guy was going mental!!

It does seem quite good for people who don't like going to the gym though... I prefer to run and go to the gym, so I wouldn't use that... But I think those fitness games will actually catch on

shadyiswin3643d ago

weed actually doesn't effect your lung capacity.

Sheikh Yerbouti3643d ago

Even potheads will tell you...weed is not healthy. That is what he means, canceling out any total health benefit.

gamingdroid3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

either way, smoking (weed or otherwise tobacco) is certainly bad for you and increases your risk of lung cancer.

In addition, second and third hand smoking is equally as bad for you and your children. The lingering smell in your clothing is enough....

AAACE53643d ago

I have always said one of the biggest selling points for Kinect is that it allows people to get a workout without the embarrassment of going to the gym and being around people who are in better shape than them.

I don't care how you look at it, some exercise is better than none! And with so many people looking for ways to lose weight and tone their body in a fun safe way, Kinect will appeal to them.

Sheikh Yerbouti3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

all potheads will say cigarettes are much worse than marijuana.

Marijuana has both anti-carcinogens and carcinogens, causing some to believe they may cancel out since it hasn't been linked to lung cancer.

The physical make up of the smoke is so different that it doesn't permeate the lungs as much as tobacco smoke, so it really doesn't cause huge rates of bronchitis either.

Lightsaber3643d ago

shadyiswin "weed actually doesn't effect your lung capacity."

Please tell me you not really that f'ing stupid

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JLesinski3643d ago

We always hear about diet pills and drop weight fast fads on late night TV. Judging from the footage THEREDDRAGON and LostInPlace from BattleStrats got at this event, maybe this could be the weight management answer to a sect of society which largely fits the mold of spending hours glued to a TV screen.

alb18993643d ago

i think will be more fun than go to the gym for a lot of people.

xg-ei8ht3643d ago

Actually the wii-fit board is one of the best built devices on the market for health.

And gym isn't about FUN, it's about becoming fit or maintaining fitness levels.

That reminds me, i'm off to the gym 2morrow:)

alb18993643d ago

My friend nothing will be better that make from exercise a fun thing.
I don't agree with you when i go to the gym i work hard but i enjoy it....if i don't enjoy workout i just don't do it so is a lot of people and this type of tech will make some people that does not like the gym to do something for their body.

DuneBuggy3643d ago

Good video but misleading title IMO. The title suggests hes a impartial fitness trainer giving his opinion on the game. But hes actually a "ambassador" for the game itself!
Do I mention this to bash? Not at all, and its a game I have a interest in. He may very well be happy about it and comes across as being sincere.

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