Medal of Honor, post launch, is a big disappointment

SG: There’s no doubt about it. I liked Medal of Honor. In fact, I recommended the game as a buy. The problem is that post launch, the multiplayer has become a mess of spawn killing and map over use.

Instead of tweaking the system and giving us a new Combat Mission map, EA is putting out a 2 map update (along with two existing, but tweaked maps) with a new game mode and charging gamers $10 bucks for it.

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Shackdaddy8363649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Theres also a free map pack with two more new maps and remade maps as well as a new gamemode. Quit bitching about the devs wanting to make money for their work. I'm sure if you made something for your job, you would want to be paid for it too.

If you dont want it, dont buy it.

Droid Control3648d ago

so i didn't buy it.

I stand by that decision.

c0nnnn3648d ago

game mode is nice, you actually have to talk on the mic to your other team mates to actually win a game. makes it more challenging

SpinalRemains1383648d ago

The game was great at first. Now that the sniping was nerfed to the extreme it's a worthless game. Who in their mind would want to use a bolt action rifle if you need 2 or more rounds to kill a guy? It's like a retard took control of the online portion.

Raoh3648d ago

shame, dissing this game is the new past time it seems..

i really like the game.. its no game of the year, no call of duty killer, but does it have to be to be a good game?

i stopped finding call of duty fun when they just repackaged the game every year.. the killstreaks and uniforms and weapons could all be done with dlc .. i cant support a yearly released title. and run and gun is played out...

i prefer, mag, counter strike, medal of honor, old socom and killzone over call of duty..