20° Review - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Enslaved takes a well known Chinese folk tale, Journey to the West, and adds its own flavor to make it even more original and compelling than it already is.

Taking queues from God of War and Prince of Persia, Enslaved prides itself with fast paced and flashy combat, only breaking from it to offer some climbing and jumping platforming here and there.

Anyone looking to play a heavy story based game will be pleased, but for those who need something more, the quick paced action will wet any gamer’s whistle...

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Balt 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

In life there are many things to be ashamed of when you look back on your past. Be it clothes or styles you cultivated. Things you said that you wish you hadn't. Movie quotes you over used in public. Music you danced to and so forth and so on.

I like to think Ninja Theory adopts this same mindset when they look back on all they've done and should be ashamed of.

Enslaved & Heavenly Sword both come to mind. They're probably not even halfway done with DMC reboot and they should be ashamed of it too. The only developers I loath and despise more than Insomniac games is Ninja Theory. At least I've enjoyed Insomniac's offerings in the past. Resistance 1&2 and R&CACIT aside.