Black Ops just 16$ in Romania!

I know Romania isn't quite the perfect country .... not at all. But here in the "Carpathian Garden" you can preorder Call of Duty Black Ops for just 49.90 RON (romanian currency). And you even receive a metal Black Ops DOG TAG as a bonus.

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Da Ill One3647d ago

Could import it to the USa for the Ps3 but it's $122.50 USd for I think i'll pass but thanks

Blacktric3646d ago

It's probably a security deposit. None of the distributors are THAT stupid. It's impossible. The person probably paid 16 dollars as a security deposit, got the dogtag and when he gets the game on launch date, he's gonna pay the rest.

evilbart3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Why doesn't some Romanian sell them on ebay for 40 dollars with free shipping they'd make a fortune

k3x3646d ago

It's most likely illegal, but I think it's being done anyway.

In some of the Eastern Bloc countries games are much cheaper than in the US. They're usually localized (subtitles and menus, sometimes voice overs as well), though, so it makes them pretty much useless to gamers from other countries, which is probably the reason big publishing companies like EA or Activision allow them to be sold at a much lower price.

Then again, in case of MMO's and multiplayer games, you could always torrent the client and get some nice Romanian to sell you the cdkey for it. As a matter of fact, there's lots of game e-stores, where you can get cdkeys for cheap. Probalby operated by some crafty Romanians, too.

Chucky20033646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

its just a mistake,someone will pay from their pocket for that game,actually the games there are more expensive than US,like 80-90$,and in their currency its even more expensive cause the dollar is bigger that what they have

RussianGirl3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

In Russia, you can buy it for around $20, too:
I mean it's true that you can find a chipper version of the game in some [not-so-well] countries. BUT... if you buy a russian/romanian copy of the game you can't activate it being outside those countries. And you can't switch the language to english as well.

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