Master Chief Does South Korea: Video + 12 Images

Where's the Warthog, Chief?

Microsoft and Bungie has dispatched their big gun to South Korea without any backup or a vehicle, so poor Master Chief had to take a bus. However, we can be sure that the super-tough Master Chief is not hurt in anyway except for his ego.

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SuperSaiyan44066d ago

Very funny vid!

Also MasterChief has to be the BEST looking game character ever!

BloodySinner4066d ago

Definitely NOT the best, but he sports one of the coolest designs.

WaggleLOL4066d ago

Oh my god is that embarrassing!

The stupidest looking character ever! OMG he's covered in shiny metal! Welcome to 1999 graphics!

The gaming world is laughing at you pathetic dorks.

Gamer134066d ago

The world await Halo 3.

IM OUT...///"""

ShiftyLookingCow4066d ago

I cant wait to see him drunk in Japan

krayon4066d ago

this how you know halo 3 s graphichs are optimized to the highest in game screenshot to the real life shots

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