IGN: Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Review

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 has hours and hours of combat that only the most hardcore of fans are going to enjoy. The ability to quickly move between the ground and the air in fights, or to do ultra-powerful super moves will tickle any person's fancy for a moment or two, but ultimately this just isn't a very good fighting game. Overly complicated controls are put into a game where button mashing can win the day with ease, layered on top of no story and a host of unlockable pictures and other trivial things that only the most hardcore of Dragon Ball fans will enjoy. If ever there was a good example of a "strictly for fans" sort of game, Raging Blast 2 is definitely it.

Presentation - 6.5
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 6.5
Gameplay - 5.5
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall -

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come_at_me_bro3649d ago

Dragon Ball has never been more irrelevant.

Jamegohanssj53649d ago

If it's a game for the DBZ fans(like myself), then why not have a fan of the game review it instead of someone who isn't?


come_at_me_bro3649d ago

First sentence of the review "I loved the Dragon Ball Z animated series when I was a kid."

Jamegohanssj53649d ago

Meh I doubt it. Anyway who gives a fuck? I mean the game was much better than the first one, so it's much more deserving of this score. This is IGN anyway.


Masamori Sumimura3649d ago

I'm pretty sure every person that was born between 1980-1995 Was a dragonball Fan at one point. As A Kid I was done with the dragonball series at the age of 7 that was in 1997. Seeing the games and products been dragged for so long have made me sort of dislike the Games in the recent years because they dont offer nothing new at all. What'S so good about Raging blast 2 that wasnt there in Takaichi 2? or Budokai 3 ?

zireno3649d ago

Unfortunately I give a fuck because I am a fan of Dragon ball, and the first raging blast was garbage, I wish they just did a new game with the fighting system of budokai tenkaichi 2, that game was AMAZING, it had tons of characters that not even the first raging blast had, and was easy to pick up and play but a little hard to master, in other words it was what a dragon ball z game is supposed to be. Even if it is ign reviewing this game I don't see it scoring much higher some place else (given that they were to make an honest review and not a blindfolded fanboyish review).

Gen0ne3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

... what the hell does TGSl mean? On topic, the DBZ fighting series needs to scrap their control scheme and start over. Oh yeah, they can fire whoever is in charge of the in game music too. Dreadful, it does a great job of making me not want to fight. *custom soundtracks y'all* I'll pick this one up used, every now and then I like me some DBZ.

zireno3649d ago

Totally Gay Shithead Indeed?

crxss3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

so you're asking for a biased review?

Jamegohanssj53649d ago

IGN provides biased reviews all the time.

Awww look at the mad members making up little kiddy insults. It's not my fault your moms put out so easily


ABizzel13649d ago

I agree, but after playing it for myself I must say it's not good.

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King-Leonidas3649d ago

they should go back to doing the Budokai series.

zeddy3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

if your're a dragonball fan then you will like this regardless of the bad score, if not stay away. i personally liked budokai 2 mainly because of the awesome ost.

Imperator3649d ago

All I want is a remastered Tenkaichi. That's it. Why can't they just give us something like that?

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Dannycr3649d ago

They should remake Budokai 3 in HD (not the Tenkaichi, just Budokai 3). To me that's the Ultimate DBZ fighting game. It was perfect, the entire DB history, a gazillion of characters and stages, stuff to find, tons of epic transformations, uber special moves (Big Bang Kamehameha was amazing), etc.

antiAntag0nist3649d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. My favorite DBZ game ever. What I played of Burst Limit was good, but it didn't match Budokai 3.

Trey4Lyfe3649d ago

Budokai 3 was the best by far, I would love an HD remake. enough with the raging blast stuff.

swishersweets200313649d ago

that is my fav dragonball z game. I still have it. I loved that they created a sandbox exploration type story mode, with adjustable fighting skills and leveling up.

Klipz-Wish3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I hate when this guy always complains about unlocking characters

Jamegohanssj53649d ago

Same here, then they complain that there isn't much to do. Contradictory.


Chaos Striker3649d ago

So you would rather force a fighting game enthusiast to play through the campaign and story mode to unlock characters even if he/she wanted to play online/versus from the get-go?

Here's I how I see his rationale for why unlocking characters to play in versus mode is flawed:

-You are basically restricting a player and preventing him from enjoying parts of the game that are being touted by the developer. i.e. versus/multiplayer where you only have a limited character roster due to the storyline restrictions.

-If we compare this to an RTS it is like saying, "No, you can't use a race online until you finish the campaign."
-If we compare this to an FPS it is like saying, "No, you can't play online and/or use specific weapons until you unlock them in the campaign."

This is how I see the rationale and I also agree.

Buffniceguy3649d ago

Again I wouldn't take a Ign review seriously.

Supman3649d ago

if it was street fighter they would say....
personally, I hate street fighter....
they have something against dragon ball...

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