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Gamesradar writes "As you might have seen if you were around on GamesRadar this morning, we got a Kinect today. We've un-boxed it, set it up, and now, several hours later, we've played rather a lot of it. So time for a first verdict then. Over the course of the day myself, Justin, Matt and Meiks have punched, kicked, tickled and jumped our way through a variety of digital-mime-based activities, and now we're ready to tell you what we think via videos of us doing those very things and then having a considered roundtable discussion."

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deadreckoning6663649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Thanks for the vid guys...much appreciated.

@rroded- What do you have to gain from going into Kinect articles and saying its going to flop a dozen times a day? If its so bad, why devote so much time towards it? Why even give it so much of your attention?

"no wonder they dont want reviews out
just watching it in action is painful"

Ummm...their launch games. Launch games are NEVER representative of the full potential of a gaming device. Its incredible how people agree with you.

All you do is say that Kinect will flop over and over again, with nothing to back it up..yet people agree with you. Astounding.

rroded3649d ago ShowReplies(4)
Omega43649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Him like the rest of the Kinect haters believe if they say it will flop enough times it will actually happen. Its sad but true.

Reviews won't make a difference for Kinect if you want to buy it you would likely have gone to a gamestore and tried it by now to make up your mind. There's a reason MS went on tour with Kinect, cause first hand experience is a lot better than the opinion of a paid journalist.

It doesn't need to look like fun to me I got to play it for about 30mins back it august and it was a ton of fun, based on my own experience I'm really excited for it and will have 4 kinect games by the end of the year. Before you bash it Pennywise I suggest you actually go and try it out first.

Cevapi883649d ago

its sad to see the hypocrisy in your statement, you defend kinect by saying reviews don't matter but go after the move when games like The Fight get bad/mediocre reviews from gaming sites...i wonder if you ever think about what you like to call out PS3 fans, yet you are the very definition of fanboy as well...defend one, belittle another, you are no better

darthv723649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

hypocrisy is rampant on this site. People slam the wii but praise the move. Quite simply, it comes down to the games you like. Kinect is just a different way to play 360 games. People shouldnt fear that it will change how to play other platform games.

Somebody must have passed around insecurity blankets.

@penny, Fun is fun. dont discredit the people for wanting to enjoy themselves. Be it wii, move or kinect. That just makes you look as bad as those being discredited.

TheBlackSmoke3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"seems a lot like eyetoy from 2005"

"the interface is the worst bit overall"

"a lot of accidentally selecting stuff you dont want"


"when inputting punch motions kinect will overlap roundhouses at the same time"

"kinect joyride is a decent little kart game, this is very much like modnation racers, If it used a controller I would take it home"

"even with a controller that game is lacking"

"so far its nothing im intereted in playing"

Well, there you have it. Its just as everyone has been saying. The future of gaming?

karl3649d ago

u are such a granma

ull probably be playing kinect with your mom by the end of the year LOL

number473649d ago

Reviews won't make a difference for Kinect if you want to buy it you would likely have gone to a gamestore and tried it by now to make up your mind. There's a reason MS went on tour with Kinect, cause first hand experience is a lot better than the opinion of a paid journalis"

-my ass

Sashamaz3649d ago

Those games especially the racing which requires for the gamer to hold out their hand for long periods of time while steering the car look physically demanding, maybe a little too much for me.

DMason3649d ago

You would do really well making smear campaign commercials for the elections today. You really know how to target the negatives, no positives, and take phrases out of context. You could actually make a decent living out of that.

Believe it or not, GamesRadar isnt the end all be all of gaming journalism sites. Additionally, if youre interested in Kinect, form your own opinion. I saw the Gamespot 1 hour demo and was really surprised. They had glowing things to say about it.

Orionsangel3649d ago

In reality the Wii's motion control wasn't a success. Oh sure it made millions for Nintendo, but was it really a game changer, besides inspiring two big game developers to want a piece of the pie?

Can you name all the amazing Wii games that use the Wiimote? Besides Mario Galaxy, Zelda and Metroid. None of it really caught on when it comes to mainstream games, like FPS games, Tomb Raider style games EA and 2K sports games.

Why am I not playing Halo, Gears of War, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Modern Warefare and all the other popular games we all love with motion controls? They've got a long way to go.

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Pennywise3649d ago

I have a legit question for Omega and Dread - No bashing, no sarcasm... I just want an honest answer:

Does this really look like fun to you guys?

blumatt3649d ago

Kinect has a lot more limitations than things it can add to gaming. And, the fact it doesn't have buttons is one of the biggest limitations. It really is true.

Silly gameAr3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

That's a great question. I'm not sure what to think. It should look kind of silly to a hardcore gamer, unless you're like Dread or Omega and just want the lead to increase over the PS3.

This looks lame to me, but I can see a mom or a 7 year old kid loving it.

Pennywise3649d ago Show
alb18993649d ago

you know what is not fun to me that GT5 will be delay again and we will not see it until next year, early i hope.

And yes dance central seems to be fun other than that maybe not.

The Lazy One3649d ago

You won't really know till you try it. Even the guys who generally find it underwhelming in the review said it was fun and they were playing games that weren't designed with them as the target audience.

I could easily see it being fun with fun games, but kinect adventures and kinectimals wouldn't look that fun to me regardless of interface. Dance central for example looks like a blast to me.

Dread3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

As i have said millions of time i am not at all interested in these motion things, both move and kenect!

I just cant stand all the hate and the hate is not just directed at kenect its derected at everything MS.

I dont care if the thing is successfull or not, but i just cant stand the consistent hate by all you sony extremists.

If all you hate the move just like you hated on the wii, i would respect your opinion a lot more, but the reality is that you all love the move hate the wii and hate kenect.,, it just shows that you are sony fanboys and your opinion is biased.

controls for life !!!

edit @cold

exactly that is the problem. At the end its really not kenect its MS They hate everything Ms related.

Cold 20003649d ago

I would have taken Pennywise's opinion seriously if he wasnt known for thinking that ANYTHING on the 360 is not fun.

If GT5 or Uncharted 2 was on the 360 he would have found them "not fun at all" :)

OC_MurphysLaw3649d ago

Simple answer...yes. jumping around having a silly time absolutely is fun. I think far too many adults have lost sight of how to have real genuine fun. We are too caught up with "I dont want to look silly" to allow ourselves to actually just have fun.

Now... are all those games for me? No, I would say Kinectimals is definitely not for me. Kinect adventures will be in my house but only from the pre-order. Joyride is a bit of a surprise based on their comments...I thought that was going to be really bad I also thought the fight game would be bad..but oddly enough...those two games have my interest besides Yourshape and Dance Central which have the most interest for me.

Do I care that I will look like a bafoon at times....not as long as I am laughing and having fun. I predict Kinect will become my favorite drinking game platform. :)

darthv723649d ago


I do.

My reason is my reason and will not matter to those who don't find it fun. That is just the nature of "difference of opinion"

I can accept that if you dont like the same thing I do. I wont go so far as to ridicule you for that so dont do it to me.

Respect has disappeared the generation.

badz1493649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )'re almost sound like an unbiased guy but do you really think that there's no hate towards anything Sony and PS3 and MOVE from the M$ side of the N4G?? do you honestly think that there's only Sony extremist but not M$?

"controls your life"? - REALLY, now?

gamingdroid3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I tried Kinect with my brother and we had a blast. My girlfriend snapped a picture of us getting too excited and getting to close to the sensor.

Does that answer your question Pennywise?

After all, if you have a negative attitude towards it, haven't tried it despite the opportunity and then ask if it is fun... I think the answer is evident for everyone around you!

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Ilikegames763649d ago

say it's fun when MS tell them to.

Dakidog3648d ago


When M$ fanboys were bashing everything Sony left right 24/7 from 06 to 09 it was ok?

Now that Sony has the momentum and things have turned around on M$ plus their fans it's not fair for the Sony fanboys to get back at them?

M$ fanboys also bashed the Wii so I don't think there should be love for Kinect from what you say bashing of the Kinect should be fine.

I'm not saying that fanboys are right but they exist and we have to deal with it, karma has come and it's only right....can't say anything is unfair here.

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gigaware3649d ago

It's going to get real bad the haters are on watch ready to move out. SDF

Shackdaddy8363649d ago

It just seems like way too many cons than pros. Especially for the price.

But, its not targeted for people like me so who knows.

I dont really like any device that doesn't have buttons. Its just not needed and sacrifices instead of innovates. I like the wii and move but thats just because they both have some kinda of button control to them. Even then though, I would rather use a controller(cept for a couple of games available).

Silver3603649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Act like if Kinect succeeds then hardcore gaming will die? One reason to not fear this is because consoles are not cheap to manufacture. The console makers need the hardcore to buy these machines when they first come out. publishers need to make hardcore games to show why their game engine is better than others. The casuals are not buying a $500 machine to play perfect dark or a $600 machine to play resistance. The casual crap can only be profitable after they provide for us first. We are their core demographic and without us, Think about it if they abandon the hardcore then console gaming will just die out.

awiseman3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I have to agree with the ps3 fanboyzz trolling around, this do look bad but this vid is the worst ive seen but it still shows the product performing as it should which is probably why their trolling...

Bigpappy3649d ago

the games completely work, and work well. They showed the kiddiest of games for most of the vid. why can't 360 have kid games?

lazysey3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Wow, its just an impression, why do people feel so insecure about it being *potentially* a great piece of hardware?

And why does the user rroded have 40 agrees? When he has 1 bubble? His arguments were purely just bashing Microsoft from a fanboys perspective.

Microsoft is just exploring a new market like they did with XBOX when they got into the gaming industry. They've already come out that this isn't just an add-on its something completely new aside.

Also, rroded is clear evidence that this site is full of insecure ps3 fanboys.

DigitalRaptor3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The site also has lots of 'full of sh*t' 360 fanboys who deny and facts and logic, in favour of sales reports and the preservation of their egos, using outdated arguments from 2006-7.

The supposed 'insecurity' of PS3 fanboys is a trait that has been forced upon them since before PS3 released.

Aside from that, Kinect is being advertised as some sort of revolutionary device that will change gaming forever. Yet it adds more limitations and disadvantages than things that benefit it as a peripheral. If it succeeds, then expect more limited, dumbed down experiences and all of that will take away from the core 360 offerings, for sure. That is clear already!

FOXDIE3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

ohh yeah!

punkpop1013648d ago

Man they're ps3 fanboys they know that it won't flop but they'd like to remind us everyday that Sony trolls would always exist.If you told them that the PSP 2 would have 3D Mark equal graphics they would believe you in no time.

frostypants3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

The embargo strikes again.

MS will not have anyone speak ill of Kinect until after they've made some bucks. I hate this kind of crap.

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Raendom3649d ago

"it can be satisfying when it works"

I'll be keeping this in mind when we get their full review.

Killzoned3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Wow so its unplayable if you are too close to it? When it says Move away from sensor... That sucks, It wouldn't hurt to try Kinect but my bedroom does not have free 6ft of space as i have stuff everywhere!

cliffbo3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

my only fear is it won't be a flop. if this reflects gaming as it is going to be then i'm going to take up another hobby. that was painful to watch on so many levels... especially the strained smiles

on the actual review: and this my friends is why MS wouldn't let people release reviews. did you listen to that Omega4 old buddy? it was a maybe a no and a not a chance. that's three people who actually played it. and i'm also interested. do you really think that looked fun?

darthv723649d ago

I have been gaming since pong. The evolutionary steps made since the paddle controller has basically been getting us closer and closer to real control of the onscreen action.

This may not be the best example of that (better ones cost way more $$$ and arent available to the public) but it represents that next step up the evolutionary ladder. We have thought for years that increasing the number of inputs will yield the same results but it only seems to create a roadblock.

You will run out of fingers to press the multitude of buttons. So now the idea is to eliminate the buttons all together. A bold move but one that could prove worthy in this evolving gaming industry.

We need to try and break that stigma of fully interactive entertainment. There is no resistance or feedback this time but that isnt to say that as this tech gets better, you will feel reactive feedback to a gunshot. That may be some time away but looking at this gives ideas to those who would have thought it was to far gone.

frostypants3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

On the contrary, this is a step BACK. This kind of scheme, which was tried before by Sony nearly a decade ago, fails because it REMOVES input methods from the user, thereby further *separating* him/her from the onscreen media. Less inputs = less control = less immersion. There is no way for this scheme to effectively replicate the number of buttons on a controller, as you imply.

It's the exact opposite of what people seem to think.

Also, think of this: when you play cops and robbers as a child, did you prefer to use your hands, or was it more fun to play with toy guns?

No, this is a sad DEVOLUTION for gaming as worst, and an interesting sideshow curiosity that will land next to such devices as the Power Glove at best.

lastdual3649d ago

I'm honestly temped to pick one up for the fam. Not much interest personally, but I know my sisters would go crazy over Kinectimals.

BannedForNineYears3649d ago

Sigh......My sister got all excited when she saw the dancing game.....I was like "Go make me a sammich".