Source: "Not much hope" for GT5 in 2010

Eurogamer: Industry sources have expressed concern to Eurogamer that high-profile racing game Gran Turismo 5 will miss Sony's promised "before Christmas" release date and instead come out some time next year.

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Zir03649d ago

It is very worrying that Sony have said nothing about the release date for such a long time. They promised to give the new date before the end of october and that didn't happen so obviously something isn't right.

frankymv3649d ago

I agree. Sony should at least say SOMETHING. They assured gamers that we would know the new release date soon put that hasn't happened either.

DasBunker3649d ago

its getting ridiculous.. but the amount of stuff this game has is mind blowing.. PERFECTION..

Anton Chigurh3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I Don't care about GT5.

shoddy3649d ago

Sony don't rush thier product. they alway said things will release when it's ready.

I can wait for ever, got use to it.

in mean time still busy with Starcraft and soon Black ops.

Hades13373649d ago

Yeah but there's taking their time and then there's this...

St03649d ago

I have a feeling this is why Sony might be changing the date for LPB2, because GT5 might not be coming in 2010 and they'd like something big for Xmas holidays :(. Hope I'm wrong though!

StanSmith3649d ago

"Sony don't rush thier product. they alway said things will release when it's ready."

Sorry, i love my ps3 but how quickly peeps forget the mess that was Socom: Confrontation. Totally unfinished but released anyway.

The only reason they allowed LBP 2 to get delayed was because they were confident that GT5 would release this month.

Still, i think we will see GT5 this crimbo, but probably a week or two before crimbo itself.

ryuzu3649d ago


The problem now is that Sony/PD have made pretty decent Hardware sales off the back of Move and GT5 release date - if GT5 is released they get more software, but if they hold it, they can get another hardware bump later next year and do whatever it is that PD want to do now.

Looks like a less interesting Christmas :/


frostypants3649d ago

Please don't call it "PERFECTION" when obviously none of us have ever even played it yet. Really, come on now.

It will *likely* be arguably the best driving sim ever, BUT these delays are frustrating and until we can play it, I'm not granting them anything.

ExplosionSauce3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Oh... lol.

Kaz Yamauchi did say we were going to see a release before the end of this year. So I'm hoping for that.

I think this delay is more of a Sony thing and not PD.

captain-obvious3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

*looks at news*
*looks at source*
*looks at poster*


cygnuszero23649d ago

"its getting ridiculous.. but the amount of stuff this game has is mind blowing.. "

Oh, you mean nascar (can buy elsewhere)? Kart racing (can buy elsewhere)?

All this time and there's still no livery editor, which is a very nice thing to help making some lame stock car that everyone else in the world has, feel like YOUR car. Nope, cant get that in this game so epic its missing features that make its competitors great.

Or how about the fact that only 20% of the cars are completely finished? But hey, at least they modeled the screws in those cars, screws you'll never see. Thanks Kaz.

ShinMaster3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

So basically you're hating on GT5 because it has a lot of features.

* Yes there are other games out there have Nascar and Karts. But that's all they are. GT5 has tons of stuff which include those two things. Why settle for only one type, when you can have multiple types of cars and races.

* Maybe you can't make your cars end up looking like they came out of Pimp My Ride.
But you CAN tune performance and customize body parts(which are far more important than your car having 20 colors of paint on it.)

* "20%" is a pretty vague way to put it.
You know very well it's over 250 cars!
It's a pretty good number. And these cars have more detail and are higher quality than any other game. PLUS the standards have just as many external polygons and look almost as good as the premium cars.

Apone3648d ago

although i want it very much, i'm not going to sit and wait for it al the time. I'll see it released one day... (Back to bocce)

strend3648d ago

Even though this does suck would rather PD get it right whatever the issue might be instead of putting out a buggy release and wait for patches to make it right.

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Zezo3648d ago

Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without a decent exclusive during the holidays

come on sony don't fail me now =[

joydestroy3649d ago

i've already assumed this has slipped into early 2011. if it comes out this year, then i'll be pleasantly surprised.

i don't get what the deal is though. if the game is done, then what's going on exactly?

number473649d ago

no clue. PD works in mysterious ways...

I just want the game. I think this is my biggest game release - looking forward to - in some time. MGS4 was the other.

DasBunker3649d ago

their probably improving the damage.. because of the ZOMG teh meltes metaL Unreallistik!

Downtown boogey3649d ago

It obviously wasn't entirely finished for the announced release date (tomorrow) but it's the making of the copies and shipping them that takes time as well after the game's ready...

Redempteur3649d ago

it's either implementation of the 3.50 firmware or a seriosu bug was found .

we'll just have to wait

ryuzu3649d ago

Well there are a lot of reported features in the game but we've only seem some very limited demos.

If I were to guess I'd say there's a problem with the online elements since we've next to nothing of them (I don't believe a build with new firmware would cause this much of a delay).

The online elements of Prologue were a bit clunky, with the B-spec web intregration and the community features I reckon there's plenty of room for trouble.


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8thnightvolley3649d ago

this is funny.. GT5 FOREVER. more like

all hail duke nukem of racing....

in the not too near distant future could be 1month 2years hell next gen... its still GT5 ohhh yeahhh baby... its sooo exclusive you race it in your mind.

Eu3649d ago

The game just went gold......from Yamauchi himself....

Zezo3648d ago

and there was that glimmer of hope flickering in a darkness of doubt =D

8thnightvolley3648d ago

i knw the game went gold so why the bloody hold up .. this game has been in incubation for what 5 years or more.. seriously. wtf

raztad3648d ago

" this game has been in incubation for what 5 years or more.."

Not true.

"At Sony's press conference this evening, we were shown a number of tracks from the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 (or Vision GT, or whatever it's going to be called) in the form of "Gran Turismo HD." Kazunori Yamauchi, the director of every game in the series presented the demo, which has only been in development for a few weeks, uses Gran Turismo 4's in-game assets, and was running in 1080p."
E3 2006: Gran Turismo HD Shown

That is not even GT5 properly but some uprezed GT4 assets that served as proof of concept. 2006+4=2010.

What is with exaggerating GT5 development time?

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lazysey3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Well obviously thats a sign of a good thing, because, announcing a new date and attaching the name Kazunori Yamauchi to it is like finding kryptonite.

Sony3603648d ago

Yo dawg I heard you like disappointment so we put a delay on your delay so you can wait while you wait!

jwatt3649d ago

I had a theory that Sony would announce the date for gt5 sometime after Kinect launch but before COD launches. That way when those thousands of gamers that pick up COD they will preorder GT5.

Domer253648d ago

Seeing that its gone gold(Gtplanet and prayer). This rumor is pretty much irrelevant. Get this in my hands by Christmas JEBUS!!

gman_moose3648d ago

Unless it takes 2 months to stamp discs and package them, we should be good to go for the holidays.

CptBach3648d ago

industy source = pachter

useless news

PS360fanboy3648d ago

How is this considered "doubtful" after Polyphony delaying it time and time again?! 2010 is over in less than 60 days, do you actually think they can make it?

I think this is another classic case of call of duty avoiding amd if it is, great for GT5 cause it deserves stellar sales and CoD might be a bummer for it.

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ubiquitious3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The may be the reason behind the LBP2 rumour. SONY hasn't released anything since March and they will completely fall behind the competition if they go into the holidays with no exclusives. Not to mention the juggernaut a.k.a. KINECT

Ima play Fable III

Jamegohanssj53649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Kinect a juggernaut? You so crazy Imma have your babies.

Also Move was released two months ago and two months ago was September.


DasBunker3649d ago

if kinect is the juggernaut, move is kitty.. and the juggernaut got beat by a gurl :P

number473649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Sony would be right in holding back after Kinects initial advertising blitz goes so they can advertise their own products. I just wish they would communicate with the GT community specifically who has been lied to about the end of october news. Many people lined up vacation time/off time for Nov2.

So its just a slap in the face.

Thats not to say Kinect as a product is a real threat, but the advertising takes up spots for other products. .

BrianG3649d ago


If that 500 million is their advertising 'budget' then that money goes to more than just commercials. It actually goes towards distribution as well as retail partnerships and segmenting. That budget also goes towards advertising research.

Overkill, idk, depends on how much they are allocating to each function, TV spots, partnerships, etc.

You might have already knew this, but just thought I'd clarify for others who think its 500 million in TV commercials.

irepbtown3649d ago

I dont know about all the 500 Million,
But you would need to spend millions on advertising alone. Microsoft would probably eat up all the 500 on just advertisement. Or maybe i'm wrong.

Narutone663648d ago

free Kinect that was given out in Oprah was part of that 500 million dollar. That way MS is going to say that Kinect sold millions.

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Boody-Bandit3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

LOL! Seriously man thanks for the laugh. I was having one of those days until that comment. I mean, you were joking, right?

On topic:
I want GT5 NOW!
I am a diehard racing freak. It's my favorite genre.
Honestly though, like my name sake, I am less then confident it will hit 2010 since neither Sony nor PD has said a word on it yet. Their silence is deafening. Every time I see GT5 in a title on N4G I am hoping a release date is next to the name. No such luck, yet. Come on PD or Sony, let us know what's going on. If it's delayed until 11 fine. I mean it's not like we have a choice. If it is still coming out this year? Even better!

Adva3649d ago

"Hasn't released anything since march"? ModNations, MOVE, Sly Collection say hello.
Lets not forget MLB 2010, GOW3, MAG, and Heavy Rain. What did you get? Reach, Fable and Alan Wake?


Releasing GT5 it will kill the competition.

Dark-Cloud3649d ago

i love fable :) ...
anyway , GT5 delayed because of sony , maybe because of the jailbreak or firmware but it's not delayed because it's not finished or because of kinect , why would they afraid of kinect ?.. kinect failed befor release date and the game is finished , they delayed it in japanaz because PD wanted to put more things but now it's something diffrent , the only reasonable release date is befor chrstams ...

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Antan3649d ago

Nothing we don't know already. Multiple sellers are all issuing different dates, and this article is merely pointing that out.

ubiquitious3649d ago

I can confirm this article.

electricshadow3648d ago

What does that even mean? Who are you even?