The Disconnect Between Video Games and Casinos

Eric Wall - As I slowly made my way across the car laden parking lot in what seemed to be some kind of unconscious effort to delay the inevitable, a few thoughts popped into my head about what I was about to do, and the motivation that kept me from taking out my wallet and simply burning all of the cash in it and calling it a day. While it would probably be a shorter article if I made up a story regaling a journey of self-discovery that can only take place in a strip club – and then promptly sold the story as a Michael Cera movie – in actuality I was making my way towards a different establishment of vice: the casino.

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roblef3642d ago

Fascinating look at the gaming industry -- meaning the gambling industry -- and the insights from a video gamer.

bgrundman3642d ago

I think this is an intersting look at what goes into making both genres of gaming so addicting. Great read!

Crash551183642d ago

In going to casinos, it's easy to see certain elements and things you usually associate with video games implemented with slot machines.