5 Ways Killzone 3’s Multiplayer is Already Better than Killzone 2

By now, a lot of you have probably had a chance to download last week's Killzone 3 beta and play it extensively – although a lot more of you haven’t, seeing as the beta’s only been made available to a relative handful of PS3 owners. If you’re missing out, then you might not already know that the PS3-exclusive shooter’s multiplayer – at least as represented in the beta – is a big improvement over Killzone 2’s relatively more straightforward run-and-gun.

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trounbyfire3644d ago

KZ3 looks like a 96 metacritic but I do wish there were at least 5 weapon slots instead of 3, it would just add weapon and more lenght

Shikoro3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well, there are 5 weapon slots if you count in secondary weapons which are all awesome. :)

Anyways, KZ3's gonna be sick, just like KZ2 is. :D

raztad3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


KZ3 should be a buy be you a fan of kz2 or not. Hardcore dudes have to get over the fact game is not KZ2.1. It is faster, you have less health and weapons have a little of less recoil. It is easier to kill and be killed but still there is chances to counter-fight if someone shot you first.

Clearly GG just want to make the game less hardcore and more accessible. Does it feel like Cod? NO and NO again. Anyone saying such stupidity probably has not played CoD. If you go to KZ3 w/o hopping it to be identical to KZ2 (what is the point anyway) you are granted to enjoy the game.

BTW. Operations is rather cool. It is more like MAG Sabotage where you incrementally take positions and drive the enemy back, or hold them off if you are defending. The cutscenes are nice to watch too.

"and mate chill out, i'm not stupid and"

Sorry about it. It was not intended to you personally, it is just that I have read that comment before but it doesnt make sense. KZ3 is faaaar from feeling like COD. COD is extremely arcadeish and there is no sense of weight whatsoever. That is not KZ3. I'm in the beta btw.

PhoenixDevil3644d ago

Fair points, I'm not trying to knock KZ3 im still hoping it will be an amazing game, I wasnt trying to put off the hardcore fans of the series just warning them to expect it to b different.

Personally i dnt buy a game purly because of brand, i buy the game if i like that game, n i was sold on KZ3 before the beta started i expected it to have that KZ2 feel n it not there, so im just warning ppl that its different and they should try n get a good feel of it before buying (i kno its hard due to the game not even being out yet n all) giving KZ3 a free pass because KZ2 was good and distinct isint going to wash here coz your right its not KZ2

bout GG making it more accessable this seems to be tru n could b a smart buisness move but im not all that interested in there busness plan i want the game.

and mate chill out, i'm not stupid and yes i have played CoD and were comparing KZ3 to KZ2 and guess wot KZ3 feels more lyk CoD than KZ2, not that thats nescercarally a bad thing but its what it is, you cant deny that if you've played it

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

major ass kickage on the way
Killzone is my drug, I need it

Hideo_Kojima3644d ago

Are there still any choke points?

In Killzone 2 you always get 2-3 choke points were everyone runs to fight with about 5 people from each side on each point it adds up to 20 grenades and a big mess.

I can't see any choke points in the BETA maps from the videos but to the people who played it and played Killzone 2 did they fix that?

ChineseDemocracy3644d ago

The only thing that really frustrated me about KZ2 was the accuracy of the guns. Maybe it was just me, but when I look down the sights I expect my accuracy to increase ever-so-slightly. For the most part, I ended up just burst firing from the hip.

-Alpha3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


The funny thing with controls is that in K2, if you so much as critiqued the controls you were labeled a COD fan.

Now that the controls are so much different, GG is just "doing the right thing"

The core gameplay is a 180. It doesn't feel anything like K2 aside from the graphics and feel. Maybe people like this, but you couldn't at all say this back when K2 was out, and people would tell you why K2 was so great while shutting out the criticisms that K3 seemed to have listened to.

Anyways, I hate the lower health, the lack of recoil, and the lack of weight.

The game needs a little beefier recoil and feel to it, and the health rewards more body kills than headshots.

I don't know how you could be satisfied with the lower health if you were such a big K2 player, it feeds to the COD mentality where fast movement and fast kills are the part of the gameplay. I love COD, I just don't think K3 should be like it. And there are major COD influences that you can't deny. Sure it doesn't look like COD, but the major staples of K2 are more like COD in K3.

K2 had some annoying flaws in terms of controls and chokepoints, but they were largely ironed out. I don't see why they decided to lower damage, recoil, etc.

I find it completely funny that the people who were so stubborn with K2 have suddenly gotten a major change of heart.

You can't expect the whole core to change and then say that this is a natural step in a sequel. I find that GG needs to tone down on the "accessible" approach.

There are some major issues and concerns I have with the game, and I just hope GG listens well. I've already gone into a lot of detail so I wont bother here, but I do think a lot of work needs to be done in terms of the core experience, as well as the supporting features

raztad3644d ago


I loved KZ2 weighty feel and I was saddened by the idea of the game loosing it. However when I play the beta I still can have fun with it, a lot of fun dare I say. I'm not getting stuck with KZ2, because it is clear to me GG wants to appeal more people than just a bunch of hardcores.

There is more to KZ than just weighty feel or controls. Which honestly made things a lot harder than should be to newcomers.

BTW, here is a video showing recoils of both games

There is recoil in KZ3, and more tweaking is in the way for the LMG, and perhaps the SMG.

-Alpha3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well see this is my complaint, and it's not directed at you but in general here:

People whine and complain about how COD is ruining gaming, how K2's controls were a matter of adapting, how K2 was unique in that sense, how appealing to casuals is the downfall of gaming, etc.

Then you have people that try to criticize games in favor of perhaps making a game like K2 more easier to control, and then they get blasted for being "COD fans"

Now GG takes K3, removes it of almost all the core essentials of K2 that people cheered for, listens to the "COD fans", and all of a sudden this is something the original people whining suddenly like.

It's like people will quickly evade pointing out the problems of a game if their game is attacked by siding with the devs.

It happens on here so much, and I can never take this community's opinion seriously. The Killzone forums is the perfect place for a much rounded debate over the issues.

"There is more to KZ than just weighty feel or controls. Which honestly made things a lot harder than should be to newcomers."

Yet the argument when K2 was around was that people should adapt. See the frustration? I've criticized many aspects of the beta and people act as if the game is already the best experience ever.

I'm so surprised at how people here don't seem to mention the new low health, the much faster playstyle, the ability to run and gun easily, etc.

I really have noticed so many problems and I'm so concerned for the game. The ribbon system is horrible, it shouldn't be in the game, the maps have balance issues in terms of size, design, and spawning, there is a lack of modes and guns that I question if GG will work on, etc.

People here just don't mention them, or brush them aside. I can't stand the one with the big turbine in the middle. The spawn system can lopside the game in that map, and I see nobody bringing this up except on the forums.

All of a sudden these new complainers are seen as the haters, except this time the tables have completely turned around. I'm just upset that people don't take the beta seriously enough to evaluate the actual game instead about talking about how it crushes Halo's graphics or talking about how nice it looks. That's all I've seen here

IHateYouFanboys3644d ago

why are people saying they lost the 'weighty' feel in the controls? the 'weight' is still there, all they did was remove the input lag. this is a GOOD thing. 'weighty feel' does not equal input lag. games like Battlefield Bad Company and even Killzone 1 on the PS2 have the weighty controls without any input lag, and its much better than Killzone 2s unresponsive controls.

personally i like all the changes theyve made with Killzone 3, apart from all the things popping up on screen. makes it look too 'kiddy' with the big HEADSHOT popping up on screen and things like that.

still, now that theres no input lag its a day 1 purchase for me.

raztad3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"People whine and complain about how COD is ruining gaming, how K2's controls were a matter of adapting, how K2 was unique in that sense, how appealing to casuals is the downfall of gaming, etc. "

Running out off bubbles so this will be my last.

Your above comment, ironically, holds very true. COD is ruining FPS. KZ2 with all its hardore setting failed to be the massive hit Sony wanted. People want accessible, cod - like experiences. The result, KZ3 gets more accessible, faster, with less health. It would be stupid honestly to make a game to satisfy a small group of dudes. KZ is supposed to be Sony flagship FPS not a niche game, with a very low fanbase playing online and buying mappacks.

BTW, KZ3 is not like COD. Get Armor/Health secondary skill and increase your health. In cod "first to see first to kill" law always holds. Not so much in KZ3. I dont mind either if GG increases health, but it doesnt make sense to make people bullet sponge again.

Talking about haters. I think the role somehow reversed. People that loved KZ2 seems to be having problem adapting to the third. They want the game to go back to the formula already proven to be a failure market wise. I fortunately have fun in KZ2 and KZ3, but if I had to choose I'd pick KZ3 gunfight. It feels like a very nice middle-ground, weighty enough not to feel like floating yet responsive.

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PhoenixDevil3644d ago

Im in the beta and been on feedback forums, theres a great thread saying 'name 5 things that are better than KZ2 in KZ3. I dare you' trust me when I say that no one has 5 strong points that are true. If your a fan of killzone 2s multiplayer this will disapoint you I'm sorry to tell you that but its true its alot more CODish than KZ2

If your a hardcore KZ2 fan i'd suggest that you look carfully at KZ3 before buying it for the multiplayer via reviews or a rent coz its different

To go along with the article
1. Classes are unbalanced along with wepons and are not finalised, unless you think a sniper class should have an SMG (yes it does have an SMG seriously a sniper)

2. Jetpacks are actually very cool and fun i'll agree with that one personally

3. More game modes is kinda a decieving one, operations is kinda the next level up from warzone, with mini cutscenes and set piece positions and tasks, a good prospect to be true but its not all that different from going from one warzone round to the other

4.The Exo mech are seriously over powered and are just being used for camping at the minute in KZ3 very hard to destroy and one can easily slaughter a team, needs nerfing a little

5. Brutal kills do feel nice and satisfying and are certinly cool, up close things are still a bit clunky but its more worth trying to melee in KZ3 than in KZ2 and with a bit of refining will be very nice in the finished product

Thats a little inside look, the game does look brilliant if you want me to go into any more detail message me on here or my PSN ID is ExoLightning

Blaine3644d ago

Can you carry both the SMG and the Sniper at the same time, or is it one or the other? Having both would make a lot of sense, for those times when you get snuck up on, having an SMG is the perfect solution for CQ fights. But if it's one or the other, yeah, doesn't make much sense.

And I noticed in a video someone 1-shotting a guy inside a mech with a sniper. Is that really possible? Wouldn't that make them not so over-powered? Would actually add a touch of teamwork, calling over team chat for the sniper in your squad to take out the guy in the mech.

Deputydon3644d ago

You CAN carry both smg and sniper, but that takes up the 'extra skill' slot. Which means your tiny amount of health gets even lower.

Pretty much everybody in the beta uses extra health/armor and if you don't and airbot will pretty much instakill you once it locks onto you.

PhoenixDevil3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@blaine, Deputydon answered your 1st question

The mechs it is possible to shoot out the driver as seen in the multiplayer trailer, its much more annoyingly harder to do it in practice with the speed they can kill you in, especially as this involves attacking from the front in which they see you n your dead, i'm putting a vid together of me going sucidal crazy trying to beat these Exo's its not easy

Squad chat has changed a little, you now dnt need to b in a squad to hear your team from anywhere in the map, also the invite system now uses the PSN which makes it a little more akward alot of ppl arent really using it because you cant even spawn on the squad leader, team work is important if your 2 decent teams facing off against each other tho

EDIT: I'm running out of bubbles fast on this thread :P
Yes Blaine its not another MW2 its got some distinct KZ feel to it but not quite lyk KZ2, there are some basic matchmaking and balancing bugs to be sorted but after that i think KZ3 could still b a very amazing game :)

Blaine3644d ago

Good answers. Sounds to me like the beta needs more tweaking and balancing, but that's what a beta is for anyway! Let's just hope GG balances it in a way that will make the finished product even better than KZ2, yet just as individual in the crowded FPS market (ie: please, PLEASE don't make it anything close to Modern Warfare--I realize many people love them, but I fucking hate those games. They can have their MW, just let me have my KZ!)

hobo513644d ago

i actraully never use extra health or armour in the beta rather, i use extra ammo, u get tons of kills with mines, so why not exploit the feature LOL oh god the mines are soo cheap!

Silly gameAr3644d ago

You just listed a few of my negative points about the beta as well. Based on the beta, KZ3 is an improvement, but it can stand some adjustment.

Blaine3644d ago

If the mines are as powerful as you say they are, GG better nerf them NOW.

Nothing I hate more in a mp FPS than god damn claymores. Such a cowardly and cheap weapon.

dead_eye3644d ago

The mines aren't an issue. Only been killed a couple of times by them.

The Mechs ain't over powered if your on a good team. Just wish it was a little easier to snipe them (The window in the front could be bigger)

4me23644d ago

Well, I found kind of "OK" difficulty in destroying them.
If you just run towards them then you die instantly. But you can
- snipe driver across the map
- use C4, grenades
- unlock spawn point and use mortar strike-> very effective
- there are machine guns and swarming missiles (need to be repaired first) placed in the buildings
- turrents
- heavy machine gun does a lot of damage( if you can get behind)
- in full version there will be more players shooting at Exo, not just 2 vs Exo.

I'm not trying to say it is easy to destroy them ... just one has to play smart and hope that rest of your team does the same.

Also Exo adds another dimension to strategy of completing objectives. You actually have to consider how to neutralize exo first before you can try to complete objective.

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showtimefolks3644d ago

time in KZ2 online warzone i just can't waite i have not bought any FPS game since killzone 2 rented a few but kept on playing KZ2 now when KZ3 comes out it will be day one

i do take my time online no rush don't need to be on top of every leadre board no sniping just plain have fun and trying ti help the side win

Digital-_-Smoke3644d ago

kz2 is a mutch better game so farrm guerrilla codified kz3 too mutch i hope they wil they delay the game

gtsentry3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

how is bigger maps,better graphics,new perks and upgrades,new multiplayer modes,jetpacks,playable mechs online,move compatibility,3d compatibility,newer weapon enhancements etc. how is kz3 not better than killzone 2

RedDead3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Remember less is more


The real killer3644d ago

He don't know that answer, that's why he stalk this in to trolling.

mrv3213644d ago

Because certain one console owners can only attack another certain console owners by using previous games on the other console as examples.

'uncharted 2 sucks because it has multiplayer so Uncharted 1 was better.'

'Resistance 2 sucks compared to Resistance fall of Man'

'Ratchet and Clank got worse...'

'Motorstorm 1 was better'

See, PS3 games can only be bested by OTHER PS3 games. :P

Deputydon3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Have you played the beta?

The new spawn system is completely broken. They took out custom games (including custom clan matches), they took out spawning on squad leaders, they took out temporary squads which means in order to be in a squad you either HAVE to play with friends or invite random people to your party.

People hated C4 in KZ2, they took off the flashing light, so now it's even harder to spot. Corinth Highway might as well be an armored core game because there are four exoskeletons that respawn as soon as one is destroyed. Making the map a constant mech fight. The airbots are way to strong, I've had one get a five kill streak in less than 5 seconds.

The maps aren't balanced. For instance on Turbine Concourse two of the spawn points are located in towers that can only be gotten to by jetpack. You want to take that spawn point? Have fun, it's impossible unless the other team is completely incompetent. The map basically ends up with one team either stuck in base spawn or a constant sniping match between both spawn towers. It's terrible.

On Frozen Dam, the middle spawn point is way to close to the ISA side which results in ISA almost always winning on that map.

On the beta forums the designers have already said spawn nades are not coming back, and neither are custom games. They did add more recoil, so everybody loved that. But instead of gun fights which made KZ2 so fun to play, your health levels are more at around CoD levels so you die too quick.

You need to stop taking the Cliffy B outlook, 'bigger is always better.' It's not. They have A LOT of fine tuning to do, and if I were them, I'd even consider redesigning some of these maps. And making a lot of tweaks regarding respawn times (for everything, not just dying), weapon recoil, weapon damage or health, melee damage (1 normal melee hit shouldn't kill me, makes brutal melee's pointless), level design, aim assist (way to high for KZ), and they NEED custom games. That's the only reason KZ2 was as popular as it was.

RedDead3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Deputydon, that sounds like a bitch, maybe it was Cod-ed might get flamed now, just a warning. I'm surprised their hasn't been any articles if the changes are so big.

Shikoro3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I've been playing KZ2 for about 200h now and I can also say that, judging by the videos, the game is pretty much a step backwards from KZ2.

Spawn grenades - they abandoned it because people were incapable of throwing them in the right places and that's what led to spawn camping and not being able to get out of your base.
Now if one team captures a tactical spawn and you don't control any, you're doomed and there's nothing you can do.

Weapons - almost every weapon was balanced perfectly giving it advantages over another one as some disadvantages. The recoil, the range, everything was great. Now there isn't any. You can shoot an enemy with an LMG over 100m which has no recoil at all. I mean, WTF?! It's the same with other weapons, unfortunately...

Server lists - the most important thing about this is that it gave people OPTIONS, and that's what they like to do - choose! With matchmaking now, there isn't anything you can choose. Everything is on and you can't customize the game to your liking.

Of course there are some things better than in KZ2, which are obviously the graphics and sound. They are awesome, breathtaking and astounding. 3D will be an awesome addition and Move also.

That all being said, if they get the weapons right, make some changes to the spawn system and improve matchmaking (a lot), we've got another blockbuster GOTY contender. If they don't get the MP right, I'm still looking forward to the SP (jungles, space!!!).

Sorry for the rant. :(

PhoenixDevil and Deputydon nailed it. :)

vickers5003644d ago

"On the beta forums the designers have already said spawn nades are not coming back"

Awesome news. Spawn grenades were the absolute worst thing about Killzone 2, and made the game even more chaotic (not in a good way)than Call of Duty.

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ExPresident3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@ Deputydon

Congrats, welcome to the BETA. I mean wow.

Deputydon3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Yeah, I was waiting for this comment.

Did you not read that part where the devs already said that they AREN'T, no matter what, bringing back Spawn nades OR custom games. The two biggest complaints?

And do you really think they are going to make huge level design changes before release? The only game I've ever seen make as huge of a change when it comes to level design after a beta was MAG. They redesigned the entire raven base on one of the game modes. I highly doubt GG is going to completely redesign the the middle areas of one of these maps, let alone two of them.

Aside from my second paragraph, almost everything I complained about has either already been said that it will NOT be changed, or it can't given development time.

Now, would you like to sarcastically remind me that it's a beta again?

Asher6ix3644d ago

I absolutely loved kz2. It might even be my top fps of all time. Without even being in the beta, I can tell that kz3 is going to be lightyears better. Is co op confirmed? I forgot...

HeavenlySnipes3644d ago

I really don't usually bring other gaes into a topic unneccessarily but I think this game plays and looks better tan Crysis 2 an Reach. Black Ops is OCD so millions will flock to get their golden noonbtubes but as for the real gamers we know where the new king is at.

jneul3644d ago

i'm loving kz3 multiplayer:-D it's a litlle bit easier than kz2, but in no way is it as friendly as COD

raztad3644d ago

You said it very well.

On top of that, and more importantly, it is fun to play.

3644d ago
raztad3644d ago

It wont. On the contrary, due to fan presure game has become a little more hardcore and less casual. Stuff like the tank feeling in KZ2 are gone for good tho. There is some weight in your movements, and the animations are weighty yet everything feels faster than in kz2.

Maps are bigger, Salumum Market size I think. Not sure if you can spawn on your squad leader, I got to check that.

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