Jennifer Mercurio: She’s geeky, she’s a gamer and she’s fighting for us

Today is a very big deal for gamers in the United States – the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing The State of California vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association, and essentially deciding whether or not a large fine can be given to merchants who sell violent games to minors in California.

You might not realize that there are a lot of problems with the law, and if it’s allowed to stand…well, the future of video games as an entertainment medium gets a lot bleaker.

That’s why I’m glad we’ve got Jennifer (or “Jenn”) Mercurio on our side. She knows exactly what the harm is in California’s law, and she explained it all to me.

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KratosGIRL3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

By the Gods!

3643d ago
Greek God3643d ago

Who called ?
whats the matter
...mortals sigh..

number473643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

done some sort of petition or something to help out this cause. We only have ourselves & the terrible 'media' we have that cares more about sensationalism than actually covering gaming news to blame if they do crack down on gaming.

Personally, I just need GT in my life... but for the newer gamers -- welp... lots going on...

hope it all works out. but gaming media should be embarrassed for not covering something that directly affects gaming like this.

Anon19743643d ago

That gaming media is covering it, as well as the main stream media. What's odd is that no one on N4G really seems to care all that much. For something that directly threatens video games with active censorship, gamers around these parts seem much more interested in their ridiculous console wars then the future of the game industry in the US.

candybeans3643d ago

The gaming media IS covering it. Probably more accurately than any other kind of media, especially if you're watching the larger websites. I just do my part to get it right and explain it for everyone else. (Having a law school grad as a husband is beneficial.)

Persistantthug3643d ago

I'll give it a shot.

Do you have any podcasting?

If not, you should get one. :)

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Titanz3643d ago

Does she prefer joysticks or motion controllers?


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