In New York City, Kinect advertising is very big

El33tonline writes:

"El33tonline’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa is currently out and about in the United States (is this what you call an ‘Editor-at-Large’?) on an awesome, super-secret assignment, but on her way through New York City and a brief stay in the ‘Capital of the World,’ Lisa was able to experience how ‘those Americans’ do their videogame advertising."

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tatotiburon3649d ago

midnight launch is going to be crazy...Kinect is all over the place

rroded3649d ago Show
TreMillz3649d ago

its only in time square, mafia 2 had more ads on buses, trains, billboards, it was everywhere

jjacinto233649d ago

i live in nyc...... and i will tell you kinect advertising is everywhere here even in the mall's tv

darthv723648d ago

smells like trolls are coming. Boy do they stink.

Christopher3649d ago

You are the controller.

Now where did you put your buttons?

Blaine3649d ago

good buttons to push.

No need for Kinect for that though...

AllroundGamer3649d ago

You are the controller - on rails.

Moentjers3649d ago

soon changed to : "YOU NEED A CONTROLLER"

Omega43649d ago

Still have yet to see any ads in the UK, but then again its still over a week till it gets released here.

That place must be pretty big to have an indoor ferris wheel.

TreMillz3649d ago

and its filled with annoying brats tha always kick you and run

jjacinto233649d ago

barbie's house?....... Jurasic park?..... pluto?(the dog) it's in there

feelintheflow3649d ago

I am in the U.S. and haven't seen much. I wonder if they are saving the money to blow up at Christmas. I don't think it is gonna blow up like a lot of people think at launch. I got mine pre-ordered, but none of my other friends do, and most who don't own a 360 have no idea what it is.

OliverKO3649d ago

That's definitely some of the biggest advertising I've ever seen in the wild, with those GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Left 4 Dead 2 banners being amongst those.

Here in South Africa, though, there's no chance of anything like this showing up ;(

sku7790tz3649d ago

"You are the controller"

and it's a very frustrating one.

Blaine3649d ago

what do you do when the game pisses you off so much that you feel like throwing the controller at the wall?

-GoldenTimeLover-3649d ago

I take a break for a few minutes/hours. Then try again. Never did I throw a controller in my 22 years of gaming.

No FanS Land3649d ago

you bang your own head in the wall shouting : why did i fall for this?

CrippleH3649d ago

Since you are the controller, you'd have to throw yourself at the wall.

Blaine3648d ago

I only threw my controller once... Usually I take a break, but I had a controller to spare, was especially pissed, and had never done it, so I decided I should do it at least once and it was the perfect time. But never again.


At least you guys got my joke!

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The story is too old to be commented.