Gamers Go To Court Today: Schwarzenegger v. EMA Is ON

SystemLink: "Today, on the 2nd November, 2010, gamers go to court. Schwarzenegger v. EMA is possibly the most important court case ever to hit gaming; if Arnie wins, then violent video games get banned from California. If EMA wins, it's a historic victory as gaming proves itself as a viable medium to the public. It's ON."

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WildArmed3646d ago

Schwarz better get pawned @ Supreme Court -.-

DanSolo3646d ago

I thought the bill was about stopping children being able to obtain violent video games... not banning them from the state...

I could quite easily have it wrong as I only read it in passing, but that does seem more likely than having any game with violence banned.

SlaughterMeister3646d ago

That's what I heard too. And if that's the case, then I support the bill. Kids' shouldn't play violent games, it's seriously screwed up that parents let their small children play CoD and stuff.

Phantom_Slippers3646d ago

really!? screw that bill, just get more involved in your kids life be a real fucking parent if thats the case, dont let the government do your job you stupid homo, get off your ass and watch your kids. It's your job and if your kids somehow got a violent game its your fault for being a bad parent for not watching him/her plain and simple