Supreme Court justices appear to favor video game industry in violence case

Based on how the justices reacted to the oral arguments, you can guess that they favor striking down the California law.

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awiseman3644d ago

for the sake of gamers everywhere I hope fanboyz can put aside their petty differences and unite against this BS law.

guitarded773644d ago

I don't understand why people are getting worried about this... liberal justices will be on our side because of free speech, and conservative justices will be on the side of business, which is also on our side. Even when the this case is over and we've won, there will still be some mom bitching somewhere and 5 years later we will be revisiting the same argument.

logikil3644d ago

Why would you think the conservative justices wouldn't stick up for the first amendment rights of Game Developers and are only doing it for business? Scalia is a conservative justice and he is the one who brought up Grimms Fairy Tales and Rap music.I think people have this strange misconception about what a conservative justice would fight for. in 9 of 10 cases they would be constitutionalists. And aside from the "fire in a crowded room" argument against the 1st amendment it is generally absolute. Being constitutionalists they would uphold this.

guitarded773644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

You just reaffirm my point... although we may disagree on motivation, the outcome will be the same. My generalization may not be fair, but you shouldn't take me too seriously anyway... I'm just an asshole with a computer, so I must be right.

thedisagreefairy3644d ago

guitarded. too bad alot of ppl on this site cant say stuff like that as a reaction instead of having a dumb internet fight that gets deleted by mods anyways.

kudos for both of u.

logikil3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Actually my purpose wasn't to reaffirm your point but to clear up a misconception you are putting forth about Conservative justices. As a Conservative myself it's sort of cynical to state that its just about business when every politician in Washington totes business.

Good conversation though.

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BLACKBOIJONES3644d ago not even worried. pls give me some more important news.

Da Ill One3644d ago

Please win this case Game Industry... we NEED This

turok3644d ago

... we still got honest people in gov. just gotta find them.

Joe Bomb3644d ago

So they want to turn California into Australia? This cannot happen!

Shackdaddy8363644d ago

It really cant. It would be going against the constitution. I am very confident that the supreme court will strike this law down just like it has to other similar laws before it.

AceofStaves3644d ago

Hopefully, this law will be struck down. We permit "torture porn" movies like 'Saw' and 'Hostel' to be shown in theatres with age restrictions. If parents don't want their children to play violent video games, they need to take steps to ensure their kids won't play the games.

I support prohibiting sales of M-rated games to kids. Adult material, cigarettes, and alcohol can't legally be sold to minors, and graphic sex or violence is adult material. Beyond those basic laws and their enforcement, I think parents need to make their own decisions with respect to what materials they permit their children to see.

It's a very slippery slope, once the state takes over parental decisions. Of course, this approach requires parents to research the entertainment their kids are consuming. If some parents don't want to take the time to do that, it's not the government's role to parent their kids.

OC_MurphysLaw3644d ago

You say you want the law to be struck down...and yet in your next paragraph you talk about how sex and violence is adult material and beyond the basic laws and their enforcement it needs to be the parents decision.

Do you realize there are absolutely ZERO laws in the U.S. that prohibit the sale of Mature content to minors when it comes to video games? Beyond the ESRB slapping a sticker on the box and saying "retailers" please dont sell this to Timmy there is absolutley nothing that prevents that from happening.

I for one have no problem with the state instituting a law that would fine a store $1,000 if they were caught selling an M-rated game to someone under 18yrs of age.

Its time we step up as a society and stop this non-sense of trying to throw all the responsibility of raising our children on Parents when we are constantly handcuffing their ability to do that by limiting their rights to enforce parental decisions and undermining them by giving un-enforceable rating systems that can easily be bypassed.

If you are a parent you fully understand that in this day and age, it is nearly impossible to know 100% what your child has bought, watched and played. Why are we so afraid to say "yes, lets actually back up our words with enforceable law"?

logikil3644d ago

If you do institute what you are discussing then you have to extend it to cover every single medium that could present a minor with something that is "Adult" in nature. You need to fine book stores, libraries, movie theaters, etc. Do you see how that becomes a problem? And where does it stop? You can have those people then complain about the free availability of questionable material on the internet. At what point do you stop babysitting?

It actually makes me think of Walmart. At Walmart you can buy movies and games that are violent or have violent language or have sexual imagery etc. However, they do not sell any music that has parental advisory labels on it.....Why?? Thats a completely asinine policy and it is completely contradictory.

AceofStaves3644d ago

Where I live in Canada, retailers card before selling M-rated games - though a parent can buy the M-rated game for their child.

The issue for me is the slippery slope of government interference these laws can create.

What's wrong with parents informing themselves and making their own decisions with respect to raising their kids? What if a parent decides that his or her child, a minor, is mature enough to handle playing an M-rated game? Does that state have the right to intervene and tell that parent 'You don't know what's best for your child. We do'?

There's a fine line between the rights of the individual and the power of the State. Beyond the most basic restriction (the same as we see with films), I'd rather parents took the most active role in raising their kids. Not the government.

Army_of_Darkness3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

sounds like your okay with the government parenting your children... will you also agree to a law that will charge the parents of kids a $1000 for being out after Curfew? cause not being able to go out after 9pm prevents potential danger such as rape or vandalism at night right?!

We might as well give our children to the u.s army then if you want F$#kin' laws to charge us and supposingly take care of our children then( but I think its more about the money)....

OC_MurphysLaw3644d ago

Why are your kids out after 9pm anyway? LOL... On a serious note... Honestly... there would be far less crime if there was a 9pm or 10pm curfew. And if there was a law in place for that, then you can be damn sure I would make sure my child was ass in house all they way up until 18 if that was the age.

Make no mistake, we live in a great country. But we have begun to quickly abuse the feedoms we set in place long ago. We have created an atmoshpere where Parenting is difficult at best. Laws when made correctly in this instance are there to help a parent. Its still upon the parent to teach their children right and wrong. Why not help enforce that teaching with laws that keep our stores from selling them items they shouldn't have?

Army_of_Darkness3644d ago

Carnivals, amusement parks, fire cracker victoria/ canada day events... you know, flashy family evening events like that;)

But point being, I don't need the government to tell me what's right and what's wrong for my children... and if I did need the government to do that, then I shouldn't have kids to begin with.

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