Worst Motion Control Peripherals

Aah, motion controller peripherals. They light up peoples lives for about half an hour and then take up space in a box in the garage. But some don't even last that long. Let's take a look at some of the worst the market has to offer!

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awiseman3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

For those of you who dont know(most of you)

Nintendo's power glove was the worst motion controll peripheral not Kinect which isnt even a motion controller contrary to popular belief -_-

Godmars2903644d ago

Heck the only thing not listed is that stupid raft. Everything is either Wii or Move.

DelbertGrady3644d ago

I think both the Kinect inflatable raft and the Power glove are equally stupid. Change that, the Kinect inflatable raft is just insane lol.

TheBlackSmoke3644d ago

Yes, lets compare an attempt at motion control from the early 90's to a current gen effort in 2010.

Back in the 90's they also used to have rpgs on multiple discs..haha, how primitive for that ti.....oh wait......

DJMarty3644d ago

Power Glove was'nt even made by Nintendo. It was made by Mattel for the NES.

BTW Kinect a JOKE

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sku7790tz3644d ago

that picture + kinect is a perfect match.

HeavenlySnipes3644d ago

aren't many to choose from....

a08andan3644d ago

I love the look of the Move gun :D But only because it reminds me of the gun that Commander Keen is using. A bit of nostalgia there :D

Simco8763644d ago

Motion Control is all bad.

Gimmicks aside...wait, they are still bad

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