AMD Topples Nvidia As The Top Market Leader In Discrete Graphics Cards

AMD is now the market leader in discrete graphics cards. Much of the strong performance is due to the strength of the firm's DirectX 11 graphics cards with more than 25 million of those sold alone. AMD managed to add 5.6 percentage points to its market share tally and now commands 61.9 percent of the market.

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Letros3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Source uses a misleading title, it should read "AMD Topples Nvidia As The Top Market Leader In DX11 Graphics Hardware."

frjoethesecond3643d ago

Yeah, that makes more sense. Cheers.

treacherous_gamer3643d ago

Not Direct X11 only but "Much of the strong performance is due to the strength of the firm's DirectX 11 graphics cards with more than 25 million of those sold alone."

Amd "now commands 61.9 percent of the market."

Sarcasm3643d ago

All this means is nvidia price drops and introduction of new cards soon. A win for the consumer.

AKS3643d ago

It's perfect timing for me, as I've had my eye on a factory OC'd GTX 460 1 GB card from EVGA. It's the perfect time for them to drop their prices for me. :)

CombineElite3643d ago

And then Dx12 will be Nvidia as these two companies flip flop back and fourth.

25 million cards in 12 months is awesome. I prefer AMD because their cards use less watts, run cooler, and quieter. Don't get me wrong as Nvidia makes a great product like GTX 460 to exact.

If you think you don't need a DX11 card then you may be fooling yourself. You need two of the higher end cards to run Metro 2033 maxed out and yes it looks better than Crysis. More and more games are using Tessellation and this feature along with Depth of Field crushes GPU's.

Lost planet Pc has some great tessellation it

DXM13643d ago

hope ps3 gets amd cards for ps4. Cooler, more efficient, cards with great performance. Will ensure tha the consoles dont die prematurely.

Seijoru3643d ago

AMD's cooler cards didn't help 360 from RROD.

Incipio3643d ago

It was a combination of poor cooling design by Microsoft and the X-clamp underneath the mobo that caused the board to warp.

In any case, I hope no one ever takes any inspiration from Microsoft hardware design, because either they design ugly-ass brick-tanks (xbox 1) or rinky-dinky failboxes (360).

Hopefully next gen, Microsoft will give us a product that falls somewhere in the middle.

frjoethesecond3643d ago

Next gen will be a giant ugly black failbox 360 then lol.

AKS3643d ago

I'd take a 3' x 3' obsidian black brick over the current design if it didn't overheat and warp. I just want it to function.

imvix3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )


If i were you i would be worried about BC as well. I dont think there would be a shred of hope for BC if they went for ATI. Not that there is much hope of BC even if they do go for Nvidia.

Raendom3643d ago

Bit confused. AMD have sold 25 MILLION DX11 cards? But there are only 3 (~) DX11 games, most of those don't even use DX11 anywhere near to it's fullest potential?

iNcRiMiNaTi3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I didn't disagree but you don't need DX11 games for a DX11 card. The people who bought those cards bought it because it's the latest and most powerful AND they're ready for whatever DX11 games come out

imvix3643d ago


Agreed there arent much games that use DX11 to full potential. You got the friendly neigborhood consoles to thank for holding back any sort of progress. Makes one wonder asides triple screen gaming, what is the reason to upgrade anymore.

frjoethesecond3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Dev costs would indicate that there isn't much progress to be made without a huge coding efficiency breakthrough. More power will only increase the cost's these days.

joydestroy3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

this is mostly because AMD DX11 cards have been out quite a bit longer than nVidia ones. the Fermi cards just released the middle of this year while the AMD counterparts came out back in Sep of '09 man. c'mon now.

regardless, only the gamers win with such good competition. cheaper prices.

Agent-863643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I don't know if this number is legit. I thought there was a Steam survey that showed Nvidia as by far the market leader. Or, by using the word "discrete", are they including onboard video chipsets? Then I could see them being the market leader since AMD makes great chipsets. However, I believe that Nvidia is the overall leader in video cards.

Edit: OK, now I get it. Joydestroy explains how they are leader of only DX11 cards since AMD had nearly a year head start.

V9 Ghost3643d ago

Joydestroy explains nothing, NVIDIA was late with their Fermi becous they had so much trouble with the manufacturing and getting decent yields, and ended up late with a hot and power hungry chip.

Incipio3643d ago

HOT is definitely correct. I swapped out my HD5770 for a GTX460 but DAMN was that bitch hot. When I uninstalled it from my tower, it was literally too hot to handle for about 10 minutes.

It was most definitely NOT worth the heat just for the 5 to possibly 10% performance gain over the 5770.

I popped my XFX 5770 back quiet, even in my ATX-mid case which doesn't ventilate too well.

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