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LordMarius3647d ago

Sony gets exclusive DLC and doesnt have to charge us for them to get it, great

deadreckoning6663647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Is this exclusive DLC or timed-exclusive DLC? If exclusive DLC, then thats great news for PS3 owners. A shame that 360 only owners can't experience it as well. I think whats going to happen is that it will be free for PS3 owners...but 360 only owner will have the opportunity to purchase it at a later date.

dangert123647d ago

i think its timed but xbox will be getting it at a price and and pc its part of that deal sony did with ubisoft uno jack tretton keep banging on about content content content at e3 just gone when they mentioned exclusive deals with ea ubisoft and some one else


So this is coming out on release day and its free? Well then why not just add it on the disc?

raztad3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

They probably want the SKUs to be identical.

Good news for everybody looking forward to the game. More content is always welcome, and if free the better.

frjoethesecond3647d ago

Releasing it as dlc instead of on disk means it can be released as charged dlc on other platforms. It might end up being a code that unlocks content on the disk.

nordberg3647d ago

Stamping the disk and shipping it to all retailers take time (more than just shipping the DLC to PSN)

-a developer :)

Blaze9293647d ago

AC2 also has PS3 exclusive DLC - and we all know how that turned out. Weapons, jumping for joy!

TheHater3647d ago

"This additional content revolves around Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (see what I did there?), who will have extra assignments for Ezio, including courier, assassination and protection missions. The missions are part of a storyline involving a conspiracy against Copernicus and his heliocentric philosophy, which was revolutionary at the time."


And it is REAL DLC Exclusive.

Not timed.

Muffins12233647d ago

Not really,you get it free but it not exclusive for ps3 user xbox will get it at same date,sony i s to poor to get it before xbox dose.....

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cliffbo3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

you mean we get access to this for nothing? wonderful! don't tell Greenberg

people, it's not complicated. it's just another way of getting people online

Seijoru3647d ago

There is always a reason. Probably another inferior version.

Man In Black3647d ago

Anyone remember Mafia 2 and Red Dead? We got exclusive content for both games, but they were inferior ports.

phatak3647d ago

but we got ufc, batman, dantes inferno, nhl 11, medal of honor, dead space 2 which performed equal on both platforms so its exclusive not because it performed bad but probably something else

SpideyNut3647d ago

...Dead Space 2 doesn't even come out until January....try another lie.

lodossrage3647d ago

But what he said isn't a lie either. The ps3 version comes with dead space extraction. Which the 360 version isn't getting

AutoCad3647d ago

still getting this on the box,as i do with all multiplatforms.

tatotiburon3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

mmm first ubisoft promised that the ps3 version will be on par of the xbox 360 version and now a free dlc for ps3 users...looks like the they still have problems with the ps3 version and the free dlc is a gift for the future angry ps3 users.

@raztad just wait for the xbox 360 version

ACII was much better on xbox 360 and the use the same

clank5433647d ago

No, I really don't think so. It uses the exact same engine as ACII and that ran fine for me at least. Plus, Sony did mention that they have a deal with ubisoft.

raztad3647d ago

FYI tatto. There was a beta for PS+ users. If such problems existed we would have known by know.

I played a little bit of it. Interesting take on multiplayer. Graphics are ok. Nothing to write home.

jack_burt0n3647d ago


Was there any screentearing in that demo?

I noticed alot in the e3 demo.

cyborg69713647d ago

Another sore sphincter. Beat it tato. Stay on your own console threads dbag.

Croash3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Since when does Ubisoft have to rely on useless exclusive DLC for the big franchise that Assassin's Creed is?

Either you give it to everyone (but Microsoft wouldn't accept it being free), or you don't give it at all, or, oh wait...

...put it on the disc? Release day? What the hell? The point of Downloadable Content is to create content AFTER the game is done?

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