First Black Ops Tournament Already Announced

For those who are unaware, Black Ops releases next Tuesday and has high hopes of dethroning the reigning game sales champion, Modern Warfare 2.

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yarbie10003650d ago

These guys have done some major tournaments lately..looks like its sure to be another winner

xxxAnubisxxx3650d ago

There seem to be a ton of members... Hope I win

r1sh123649d ago

This site is pretty small, the problem is Gamebattles. It has a crazy number of teams, players and they have MLG tournaments with cash prizes.
The even have regular ladders where after an entire season they have playoffs.
The gamebattles structure is a little better, but since fraggednation is fairly small everyone should jump in, theres only like 50 or so spots left.

DTMBSquid3650d ago

It's amazing that these gaming sites are already pushing Black Ops tourny's. We may give this a shot... can't beat the cost

xxxAnubisxxx3650d ago

Not really a 1v1 guy, but a free tournament for prizes....I am in

totallysane3649d ago

ffs another gd xbox tourney. when do we get one (ps3)

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