OPSM’s Black Ops ‘Verdict’

Don't believe the hype. Or OPSM.

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Sitris3644d ago

I know it means Official Playstation Magazine, but when ever i read that i just think of the ausy eye ware company haha


PotatoClock3644d ago

Haha yeah I found the same thing.
I read the title and thought it was a bit wierd that a glasses company has released its own verdict on a game Lol.

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

Well I'm not getting Black Ops, so I don't care

pangitkqb3644d ago

Way to convince me not to buy your mag...and I love my PS3.

Corrwin3644d ago


That's all you need. People should read the reviews, not the score most reviewers take about 5 minutes to think about.

distorted_reality3644d ago

Agreed but that's hardly the point of the article.

WildArmed3644d ago


I find it funny when people get so fixed our numerical values.

The first review or two, i always read them and don't care about the score.

After I've read enough reviews and decide not to purchase, that's when I just start glancing over the review scores.

Surely, people don't expect you to read the 90++ reviews of every game, right?

But, is it too much to ask to just read the first 3? or not, the first one?

But, w/e

darren_poolies3644d ago

What is he talking about? Gaming magazines have 'Exclusive Verdict' on lots of games all the time and are just previews. I picked up the magazine yesterday and knew that it was just a preview so I didn't buy it. Yes it's weird that it had scores but lots of magazines trick you into thinking its a review and it ends up just being a preview, have some sense and read the cover properly then stop crying like a baby about it.

stevenhiggster3644d ago

To be fair to OPM they were supposed to have the world exclusive GT5 review in this issue so this was presumably a last minute decision to fill some pages and sell some magazines. Still sucks that they're trying to flog it as if its a review when it aint.

Echo3073644d ago

Have some sense? When has OPSM ever had scores for their previews? Ok fine, they didn't actually use the 'review' wording but let's think about what the word 'verdict' means. According to Webster, it's an opinion or judgment. Those same two words could be used to describe a review.

The wording is not the point, the point is it's a cheap tactic... and honestly, I still wouldn't care about it had they not just said themselves that 'hit whoring' was wrong.

I totally agree with the post.

darren_poolies3644d ago

I was looking at this months OPSM yesterday and initially thought it was the review. So I check the back cover and it didn't say it was the review so I didn't buy.

My actual point is that OPSM aren't the only gaming magazine that does this, almost everyone does and it's been happening for years.

kasasensei3644d ago

Official magazines are sh1t.

Close_Second3644d ago a publication misleads to gain higher sales. Kind of like how publishers use hype to build up a product to gain sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.