Madden Cheating Sparks Killing

An argument over a game of Madden turned deadly in Kansas late last week. According to police, on Thursday night, four "friends" were chilling out and playing Madden on the PlayStation 3 when a fight broke out. When the dust settled, Luke German, 22, was dead on the front lawn, and his three friends were wanted by police.

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Balt 3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Kansas is serious business, man. Don't mess with their videogames based on a fake sports. Any time I see coaches with headsets and players wired for sound I chuckle. Football, and all sports, are little more than planned moves a week in advance, not disimilar to chess. If you know the right move before your player moves you can win everytime. These idiot football players are playing theater. Football is too big of a business to not be rigged.

Blue Team Head Coach
(into headset)
We're calling the Wilcox Handle Bender!

Red Team Head Coach
(listens intently)
Gotcha, we'll throw a goal-line defense up for that one. You'll have the whole back field open for the taking.

Anyways, this is sad. Sad because this is all over the news where I'm from. I hear about it daily.