Playing Good Games With Friends Vs. Bad Ones With Strangers

As of October, Zynga’s market valuation is higher than that of Electronic Arts. Intellectual property aside, the market valuation of Zynga stands at $5.5 billion compared to EA capitalization of $5.2 billion. Are cow-clicking social video games like FarmVille the future of gaming?

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pat_11_53644d ago

great editorial, it really got me excited about the future of MMORPGs and social gaming. Hopefully they become more than just "cow-clicking"

TheSleepyGamer3644d ago

Nice editorial. I still doubt I'll ever be interested in creations aimed at more casual gamers. Then again, if it evolves then who knows.

gmensah3643d ago

I think most likely we will see a lot of hybrids between social gaming and MMORPG, hopefully not taking anything away from MMORPG but adding the best of social gaming has to offer.

pat_11_53643d ago

I can see my self playing something like Farmville if the genre evolved into something like this author described, as it stands right now thought I really don't see my self playing any casual Facebook oriented game.