New Battlefield Game to be announced this Friday

GB: Ben Cousins, in charge of Easy, an EA/DICE studio which makes Free to Play games just tweeted that a new Battlefield game announcement is going to be made on Friday -

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halocursed3644d ago

A free to play Battlefied game! That would be sweet :)

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

Heroes was a major fakup in F2P area, Im looking forward for this game, and ultimately for BF3.

evrfighter3644d ago

yay more titles for the DICE team to stretch themselves too thin.

Yi-Long3644d ago

... but TBH, I'm only interested in new maps for the brilliant BF1943.

im-12-years-old3644d ago

Lol keep waiting on those new 1943 maps...

I love that game but it got like 0 support

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DirtyLary3644d ago

They are better off using this team and it's resources to fix the DICE games already out.

gameseveryday3644d ago

This will make 2011 the ultimate year in gaming!

Letros3644d ago

2011 is looking pretty damn good

geth1gh3644d ago

don't get me wrong, i don't disagree with you, but if you think about it, that is what is said every year about the next year.

and its never a lie, i mean its no secret that a lot of good games are going to come out in a 12 month span.

SpaceFox3644d ago

This is NOT going to be some awesome BF game, it's going to be an arcady, most likely free to play game. How the fuck would THIS make 2011 the "ultimate year in gaming"?

Shubhankar3644d ago

I hope it's Bad Company 3. Bad Company 2 was awesome! :D

madpuppy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

go's back to the formula they had with the campaign from the first game. the characters were fun and interesting. IN BC2 they mixed the personalities around and broke the balance they had in the first game. Haggard loved blowing things up and was a funny lunatic in BC1 in BC2 he was angry and way to serious. Sweetwater was unhappy and nervous in BC1 then in BC2 all of a sudden he turned all gung ho and gets all excited about being thrust into no win situations.

I miss the humor and the heist movie feel the first game had. BC2 would have been perfect if they kept that feel in the Single player of BC2.

I hope that the schizophrenia of the characters is cured in the next installment of Bad Company and the humor as well as the chemistry between the characters return.

im-12-years-old3644d ago

No no no

battlefield 3 not badcompany

DeadlyFire3643d ago

Battlefield 3 already confirmed coming.

Bad Company 3 would be a new announcement.

StillGray3644d ago

I hope it's Battlefield 3.

St03644d ago

Battlefield 3 has already been announced :). Hope they show some footage or screens of it soon though

Fishy Fingers3644d ago

"News goes public on Friday. (NOT #BF3)"

Come on, just click on the link.

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The story is too old to be commented.