EA signs five-year deal with Facebook

Electronic Arts have signed a five-year deal with Facebook, it’s been confirmed today.

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divideby03649d ago

I dont do face book... Its a record of your life... Wanna go for a new job.. Be careful with Facebook... you may not even get called for an interview

Eiffel3649d ago

Thank god for privacy settings, and those smart enough to acknowledge it's existence.

Balt 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Or thank God for him giving you enough intelligence to not have a Facebook account to begin with.

Eiffel3649d ago

Giving God credit for ones intelligence? If god gave enough intelligence to make the right moral decision for us, what good would he be?

Balt 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

It's called free will. Everyone has it. Some are intelligent enough to use it. Apparently you're one of them. What's that facebook account status for the hour again?

Eiffel3649d ago

Wouldn't know, I don't live on Facebook, I pay my respects on there weekly, reading a few friends updates then on my marry way. Never saw the huge obsession with it.

mrv3213649d ago

Free will? if the Universe follows a molecular base concept then surely free will is a mere myth? All human interaction is particle movement, if one know the location and speed of each particle since there are no outside forces ( energy is after all a constant ) then EVERYTHING can be calculated and everything we do has allready been set in motion since the beginning of time

A surprisingly simplified and wrong but none the less quite cool if you think about it.

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Ninferno3649d ago

they caved to Zynga haha

GLoRyKnoT3649d ago

God did not create man, man created god.

OT: I despise social networking.

DirtyLary3649d ago

It's a cash hound, glad I found my niche.

mrv3213649d ago

Can I ask how humans despite our ability to speak many language, thousands of hand gestures MLLIONS of other things only humans do why do we choose to convey all that with 2 numbers? 1 and 0?

Love, fear and hate shall never be enteret on a keyboard, nor shall it ever be spoken on any chat, or status, core human emotions have something that are hard to understand in the real world, we abstract our lives from society to protect it... while facebook destroys wall of privacy it errects another not too far away seperating us from contact. Never in my eyes shall a human be valued on his or her friends list, her tweets, her pictures of the saturday party... we spend too much time living in the past to truly enjoy the present.

I ask you, what has improved in your life because of facebook that otherwise wouldn't have? Many would say none, others would say it's been effected negatively.

Yet we crave it, a drug, knowledge after all is power, but is it what one know about others or about imself that truly matters? If you can answer that your wisdom baffles me. If you know something everyone else also knows at the cost of something about you only you'd have known... you must ask yourself was it worth it?

Social networking, oxymoron, false, genius. It applies itself to the strings of our mind, tugs on the nerves that forces us to share... to network...

GLoRyKnoT3649d ago

I can indeed answer your every quarry (yet, shall not do so here) & will now send you a (N4G) friend request. Until & if you accept such i leave you (all) with this> "Communication is 98.9% non-verbal"

btw: Knowledge is NOT power my good man. Money IS.

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