GameSpy: Heavenly Sword Out of the Box

GameSpy writes: "As a launch title for the PS3, this game would have been an epic achievement, but nearly a year after the PS3's debut we were honestly hoping for more. The most egregious issues (incredibly poor framerate) might be ironed out by release, but that won't make Heavenly Sword much more compelling than it already is. Still decent, just not groundbreaking..."

Initial Verdict: Wait On It.

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MK_Red4067d ago

Wow, pretty harsh. With this intro, I don't expect a score higher than 3/5 (60%) from GameSpy.
But no matter what, it's 9/10 in my book.

nix4067d ago

they don't like PS3!

it's so easy to make judgment on the first look! what say gamespy? stop giving advices until you see the final build!

felidae4067d ago

too funny .. all these ps3 haters out there.

this is a must have game. there's nothing like it on other systems.

pilotpistolpete4067d ago

Its the first review that brings up a framerate issue.

dathrill4066d ago

Never trust a critic they only speak from their perspective and experience. Most critics should be very advanced in their knowledge of a subject, since this a gaming site most (not all) of the reviews that appear on the site come from credible sources. You would think that would mean fair reviews. Wrong. Reviews are always flawed because the person doing the critiquing is almost always going to be some jaded individual who even though they love video games he has played them soooooo much that he cannot look at anything objectively. For example if the people reviewing Heavenly Sword have played every other game just like it and are now a little tired of those games. How can they really give an honest review? They can’t. Reviewers are supposed to be honest and true to you the consumer yet they do not understand that not everyone reading their review is a HARD CORE gamer. So by passing on a negative review they do the games a disservice (especially if it is good a game but just not what they the reviewer expected it to be) but they also turn away tons of new gamers not on their level as far as game play and knowledge of gaming is concerned. And please don’t start that crap about Hard Core vs. Casual because it’s all bull. The people who make these games want any and everybody to play them not just the Hard Core crowd. Reviews need to formulate the reviews the same way. Reviewer’s base their views on how good the game plays period not just how the game plays for people who have played video games for years (Hard Core). Reviewers need to get off their high horse come back to reality and just review games for games sake because there are too many types of gamers out there looking for good knowledge to critique from one perspective or jaded eyes. Heavenly Sword will be a great game just as Halo 3 will but just remember the next time you are about to trash or praise a game make sure the information you will be relaying is of relevance.