GameSpot rates PS3 Tiger Woods Higher than 360 Version: 7 vs 6.5

There's too much here that simply doesn't work, particularly in the Xbox 360 version. The 360 crashes in the same place during the Tiger Challenge, making it impossible to finish, and you can't upload highlights to the EA server. Both the PS3 and 360 versions have periodic lag, glitches, and freezing issues when played online; the game face upload site doesn't work; and the single-player suffers from glitches like golfers vanishing, taking drops when they weren't supposed to, and a way-too-sensitive analog swing.

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MK_Red4121d ago

More proof for EA's laziness and dumbness. They have to eff up either the PS3 version of their games or 360 version of them.
Can't they just make a game that runs normally and equally on both systems?

They said PS3 dev tools suck and are hard to work with. Now what? Are they gonna say the same thing about 360?

InMyOpinion4121d ago

I was doubtful at first, but this proves that EA are really sloppy developers. On any platform. Have to remember though, EA has many different development teams. The team working on Skate seems be making a helluva job =)

MK_Red4121d ago

I was a bit too fanboyish for calling EA lazy only because of bad ports on PS3. It could have been they're problem with PS3 Dev tools and their lack of experience with the hardware.

But now that they screwed up on 360, the platform that they've had no problem with so far proves how ignorant and lazy they are.

InMyOpinion4121d ago

Yep it's solid proof. Although, they did f up the Madden version for the 360 as well. It had lots of gameplay glitches.

nasim4121d ago

EA is now run by Peter Moore so what do you expect from there.

Now most of the multiplat games are looking better on PS3\


Oh add TIGER WOODS 08 to the list

Bathyj4121d ago

Thats interesting Jenzo. No ones ever told us the XB version was glitchy. Everyones been to busy just telling us how crappy the PS3 version is, (and it is from all I've heard.)

If anything ggod comes from this I hope gamers start showing their displeasure with their wallets and maybe EA will pull their fingers out next year and on the remaining games for this year.

Maybe Maddens Raiders talk of EA boycotts doesn't sound quite so ranting to some anymore. I'll be interested to hear what he says about this.

MK_Red4121d ago

Agree with Jenzo on Skate. I'd add Burnout's Criterion.
The teams behind Skate and Burnout Paradise are the only good teams left in EA.

Also, Good point Bathyj.
Everyone has been bashing EA games on PS3 and saying it's Peter Moore's fault and things like that. And no other review of Tiger Woods had mentioned this. All gave it 80& and 90% scores (GamePro's 4.5/5).

Gamers should show their anger to EA and their lazy ports and yearly recycles until EA starts making real, finished and tested sports (And non-sports) games.

Tru_Blu4121d ago

I'm all for this boycott, but I'll buy NHL 08. Sorry EA or not, I gotta have my hockey. That is unless I find out NHL 08 is running at 18 FPS like Madden. Then like the Raiders I might have to sit out a year for the first time in ages.

spasticjustice4120d ago

I almost completely agree. It's like EA just isn't even trying anymore, at least most of EA. I too am curious as to what their excuse will be this time. The last good game I played from EA that was solid, was Fight Night. Nough' said.

sonarus4120d ago

its funny how in this case everyone is so quick to agree that ea is lazy. I have said it time and time again but gotten no ps3 tools suck or xbox just rules or ea knows where their bread is buttered or some other lame sh1t.

This is what happens when you let ea get away with their usuall game making. Oh well back to playing warhawka

MK_Red4120d ago

spasticjustice, Agree on Fight Night R3 being a solid EA game but they even screwed up the PS3 version of that (Weaker light effects and other problems).

WafflesID4120d ago

keep in mind this game was moved from one developer to another. And they've pretty much rewritten a LOT of stuff in a very short period of time.

Give credit where due.

You can't take a codebase that was being worked on by one team for so many years and then throw it into the lap of a completely different team and expect perfection in just one year.

But they came pretty damn close all things considered. These are BUGS that are fixable with updates. Sucks that they are there, but they are.

Umbrella Corp4120d ago

EA for me is very untrusted they hardly have any orriginal titles and on top of that they cant even develop games equally on different platforms,I will rent skate on my 360 and PS3 if theres is a single thing different EA will never ever EVER see my money EVER again,its obsurd they have to bring one version down for the other one.

heroman7114120d ago

i think now ps3 and 360 pp, can come along together and say that EA SUCKS BALLS. 2k sports all the way

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InMyOpinion4121d ago

How can they release a game that freezes up at the same spot each and every time? That makes it unplayable. There should be a law against selling unfinished products.

nix4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

how about starting with 360? q:

EDIT: @Jenzo (below)

i may sound "rabid", but i'm not blind! anyway, just pointing out the facts man. i blame EA for all this though!

InMyOpinion4121d ago

How about not being a rabid fanboy ;p

WafflesID4120d ago


facts? hah.

fanboys suck.

MaximusPaynicus4121d ago's half a percentage point, and quite frankly you're just comparing which turd you can shine more.

The game is awful. On both consoles. Don't try to rub this in Xbox 360 owners faces.

MK_Red4121d ago

Nobody is gonna "Rob this in Xbox 360 owners faces.". And no one says it's 360's fault.

Xbox 360 is a great machine, they whole arguement and point of this story is to prove EA's laziness. They showed that the problem is not PS3's or 360's hardware/dev-tools.

MaximusPaynicus4121d ago

Oh, I won't argue the laziness of EA. They've been adding a new coat of paint to the same games since the late 90s, and I honestly can not remember the last time they made a game that did NOT have some kind of major flaw.

But, at the same time, if you don't nip the problem in the bud, the PS3 Fanboys will inevitably start their happy dances. That... just... can't happen. :P

Tru_Blu4121d ago

Ya if your looking for someone to push the limits and show one console is better, lol if you think it's gonna be EA

FungLip4120d ago's 5% point not .5; please learn how to read.

Kleptic4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )


Spunkmeyer434120d ago

Its not half a percentage point brainiac, bet microsoft are glad they have an intellectual giant like you in there corner!

Suprised how little PS3 fanboys have jumped on this!

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junk564121d ago

...this is probably the first thing i've seen.


im just gonna say, EA, what the F*ck, get off your lazy ass and do some sh!t for us.

first saying 30 fps ps3 is IMPOSSIBLE while 2k can do it
then saying OMG ps3 dev kits SUCK
now this, screwing up the 360 version and making the ps3 version better.

my god.... EA is the epitome of bad game developers

MK_Red4121d ago

Great comment.
This is not "reverse of PS3/360 ports" or something. The problems with Madden, NASCAR and now Tiger Woods have NOTHING to do with consoles.

The problem lies withing EA studios and their laziness.

Bubbles for this part:
"first saying 30 fps ps3 is IMPOSSIBLE while 2k can do it
then saying OMG ps3 dev kits SUCK
now this, screwing up the 360 version and making the ps3 version better.
my god.... EA is the epitome of bad game developers"

I wonder what will t hey say now. "360 Dev-tools suck as well as PS3's". EA, go learn game making or shut up.

sonarus4120d ago

yea and the same lazy nascar devs talked sh1t about the ps3 being the same with xbox only with sloppy tools and all of you happily agreed. so ea isnt lazy then but they are now

WafflesID4120d ago

EA's goal is to make money. They release the same game EVERY YEAR (imagine how crappy halo would be if you had Halo 98, Halo 99, Halo 2000, etc) with modifications and additions.

Really when you think about it, it is a brilliant idea.

Seriously, think about it. Would you need to buy Madden 08 if you could put the 08 rosters on 07?

Granted madden 08 actually DOES add quite a bit of stuff over 07, but you get my point.

It's a rushed schedule so they can make as much money as possible. Taking time to do ports is a low priority :)

EA sucks but god damn if they don't release a few games that are "must owns."

Every once in awhile they can do it right. But thats very seldom with their sports games.

nix4121d ago

what's with gamespot these days??? it's a complete turnaround! they sure are trying hard to impress the PS3 fans back! too late gamespot! but we don't mind your new "honest" reviews! ((:

duarteq4121d ago

With your comment i can only presume that your are talking of the Xflop and that problem, how do you call ? the red ring of death. Even Microsoft had to extend the warranty, and the other unfinished product is the steer wheel also from microsoft right ? they were trying to create a realistic product but i thing they got wrong with the quantity of smoke...

WafflesID4120d ago

If you dont like the xbox then don't freaking play it. Jesus. REAL simple.

Is it necessary to clutter up these comments with your lame fanboy crap? You aren't changing anyone's minds by constantly bringing up the same stupid crap over and over again. 360 fanboys aren't going to listen and PS3 fanboys already agree.

This is about EA not about the consoles. Go jerk each other off somewhere else.