LittleBigPlanet 2 Mash-up with MegaMan, Gundam and Ace Combat

Have you ever wonder what would happen if you combine some of the best plataformers of all time, well now you can see what MEGAMAN, GUNDAM and ACE COMBAT can do to LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 BETA, here you can see some new levels created in the beta of LBP2 and the are way to good to missed out.

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Cloudberry3650d ago

C R A P . . .


0:43 Sack-Wing Zero changes into a plane.


Buster Rifle???

This game is sick!!!

DAS6923649d ago


DORMIN3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I said this before and i'll say it again.

This is going to be a generation defining game.

Its just unbelievable, and this is still the beta.

Neckbear3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

After watching the videos, it just seems like, while you can make some awesome stuff, it's still pretty limited to "Hunt high score, Side-Scrolling or something of the sorts, can't have much more bro".

Sure, it's a Beta, but wouldn't they want to test out all the tools available on said Beta?

I just feel the flexibility you may have to make said levels is pretty small.

Perhaps I was just hoping for something super-awesome, ah well.

On a side-note: The "SackFighter Dogfight" video looks pretty cool. If you can do an Armored Core-like thing with it, then I'm sold.

I'm just simply kinda...doubtful, mainly because I didn't really liked the first LBP and this one looks like they couldn't do what they promised/wanted/were hyping it up to do.

thor3649d ago

Ummm... you can make a lot more than just high-score games. It's just that arcade-style games are tried and tested and gamers love them and want to recreate them. Have you seen the Flower level? The RPG concept level? These represent the most diverse game types available today and they can be recreated in LBP2... yes gamers want to create games where you shoot things and "do a barrel roll" but that's because that's what they enjoy. But there are also many people who have created short films, dance videos, interactive cutscenes, varied platforming/shooting/racing mechanics and so on.

Most levels will be side-scrolling if only because LBP2 is 2.5d. But using the new movers and the 3D glitch you can create 3D scrolling backgrounds. It's not as though without it you couldn't create a wonderful variety of games, though.

Godmars2903649d ago

That's all you can really say.

Makes you wish that MM was paying people for levels because the level of quality would only increase.

blumatt3649d ago

...that Media Molecule would let people put their levels up for sale if they're rated high enough by the community. They could give the person like half the profit and MM could keep the other half. It would REALLY entice people to make levels in LBP2 and would effectively turn LBP2 into a dev. kit of sorts for the common gamer so he/she could make some extra cash. Just an idea.

blackburn53649d ago

Is anyone else seeing this? I mean my goodness. Is this the kind of things you can make with LBP2? Consider my mind blown. Can't think of any reason not to buy this.

gtsentry3649d ago


Taker_1293649d ago

OMG the Megaman video was amazing!!! DAY 1 buy

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The story is too old to be commented.